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Michaela Quinlan, certified sommelier, and Robert Tas review the wine list at the Greek restaurant Krasi. This comfortable, convivial restaurant is all about creating a welcoming space where people can gather to enjoy good food, good company, and good conversation. And what helps the conversation flow better than good wine?  Krasi offers an incredible lineup of standout Greek varietals, natural wines, and orange wines. If you feel like a little adventure for your palate, this is the place for you. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2019 Vassaltis, ‘Pet Nat’ Savatiano, Santorini

  • 2017 Zafeirakis ‘Limniona’, Tyrnavos

  • 2017 Douloufakis, ‘Amphora’ Vidiano, Crete

Transcript: Krasi


RT: Hello and welcome to CorkRules! 

A podcast where, in each episode, we will review a wine list from your favorite restaurants. I’m your host Robert Tas along with Michaela Quinlan, certified sommelier.

Hello Michaela, it’s great to be back together for another episode.

MQ: Hi Robert!

RT: Before we jump in, let’s talk about CorkRules.

We created CorkRules to demystify wine lists because we know from experience that sometimes when we get that list handed to us, well… it can be intimidating, and even a little daunting.

Our aim is to help prepare you to navigate that list, find those hidden gems, or value wines or that special bottle that will take your dining experience over the top.

RT: So, sit back and listen as we review your favorite wine list.

RT: Today we are talking about Krasi. Located in Boston’s Back Bay, Krasi features classic, sharable Greek recipes and natural wines.

Michaela, I can’t wait to hear what you think of their wine list?

MQ: Krasi is the Greek word for wine, and to say their list is unique and extensive is an understatement. Prepare yourself for an incredible line up of standout Greek varietals that are sure to please and surprise.

RT: That’s really great, as you looked at the list did you see anything jump out at you?

MQ: What better way to begin than with something sparkling. The first that caught my eye was the 2019 Vassaltis, “Pet Nat” Savatiano, from Santorini. This naturally sparkling wine is made from the Savatiano grape, which is one of the most widely planted grapes in Greece. This slightly sweet sparkler features aromas and flavors of lemon zest, melon, pear, and honey, making it a perfect pairing for cheese, herbed, and spicy dishes.

RT: That is for sure unique. Did you find any others that caught your eye right away?

MQ: Every item on this list has caught my eye! However, a standout red wine to consider is the 2017 Zafeirakis “Limniona” from Tyrnavos. Trynavos is located in central Greece. With its deep ruby color, herbal notes, and bright acidity, the Limniona grape is your go-to for richly sauced dishes.

RT: So Michaela, their list seems to have lots of range but was there anything that you would say is a “must-try” ?

MQ: Let’s head to Crete to sample a natural, skin contact or orange wine. Consider the 2017 Douloufakis, “Amphora” Vidiano. The Vidiano grape is a white grape indigenous to Crete and features aromas and flavors of ripe peach, melon, tangerine, and thyme. The production of this wine allows for prolonged contact of the juice and skin, followed by aging in an Amphora. A unique wine to pair with herbed and savory dishes.

RT: These are some great calls. So you know I’m getting thirsty and will need to order a bottle with my dinner, where would you guide us?

MQ: Remaining in Crete, a bottle to consider for the table would be the 2019 Stillanou, Mandilari, “Great Mother”. This organic red wine is made from 100% Mandilari grapes, producing a light to medium bodied wine featuring aromas and flavors of earth, mushrooms, fig, nuttiness, with a slight saline note on the finish. Pair this wine with cheese and olives.

RT: Ooh, Terrific. Michaela, speaking of price, sometimes people have a budget in mind..  any other great value wines you’d point us to? 

MQ: Revisiting Tyrnavos in Central Greece, an excellent quality/value white wine is the 2019 Zafeirakis, Malagousia “Microcosmos”. Malagousia is a light, dry, white wine that was almost extinct. It features ripe peach, melon, green apple, honeysuckle, and bright acidity with a mineral finish. Pair this wine with herbed dishes, lightly sauced proteins, and seafood.

RT: That sounds great. What is your other value selection?

MQ: Returning to Crete, a value red to consider would be the 2017 Douloufakis, Liatiko “Amphora”. Liatiko is a dry, full bodied red wine that features aromas and flavors of earth, mushrooms, pine, ripe red cherries, clove, and nutmeg on the finish. Pair this red with herbed and spicy dishes.

RT: Now Michaela, what if I have a big client dinner or special occasion where I want to take it up a notch?

MQ: An exceptional wine to consider for a special occasion would be the 2013 Nerantzi, Koniaros, located in Serres, Greece. Located within Macedonia, this small, family run winery began producing wine in 1988 in honor of their grandparents. The red grape in this wine is Koniaros, which is rich, full, bodied, and organic. Aromas and flavors of ripe blackberries, currant, earth, and leather come together to make this wine an excellent pairing for richly sauced proteins, herbed dishes, and any special occasion.

RT: Michaela Thank you so much for all your great suggestions and helping us navigate Krasi’s wine list. I can’t wait to go try them myself. 

To our audience, thank you all for joining us here on CorkRules.

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We are looking forward to being with you on another CorkRules episode soon. In the meantime, please check out our website for other episodes of your favorite restaurant wine lists. 

And finally, drink what you love and please make sure you drink responsibly.

Thank you.





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