Artisan Wines at Il Buco

CorkRules | May 22, 2023

Certified sommelier and CorkRules’ resident Somm, Michaela Quinlan shares her expertise on the wine list of il Buco. il Buco’s wine cellar holds a selection of over 400 wines and includes an exciting range of lesser-known, artisan wines from Europe.

This restaurant has been called "one of the best and most exciting in America" by Gourmet magazine and the wine list has won Wine Spectator’s "Award of Excellence" several times.

The wine cellar was created by Roberto Paris, a childhood friend of Alberto Avalle's, the co-owner. Roberto is from the small town of Foligno, Umbria and he has brought his knowledge of the artisan producers to il Buco. The selection of wines is dedicated to small lesser-known producers of artisan wines that are expressions of the soils and cultures However, on a 400-wine list, you’d expect to see wines from the world’s more renowned wineries, and indeed, you will find a large selection of well-known and well-loved wineries.

In the by-the-glass section, try the La Lecciaia Brunello Riserva, Toscana. Made from sangiovese from a winery in central Italy, this wine is light, fruity and dry with notes of ripe red fruit, raspberry and cherry.

Another must-try on the by-the-glass section is the Arnaldo-Caprai 'Cuvee Secret', Umbria. Umbria is a region famed for the quality of its wine, and this one lives up to expectations. It’s round and soft, at the same time fresh with notes of delicate flavors and citrus. It also comes from central Italy and is made from the grechetto grape.

Moving to the north of Italy, the Magia Lambrusco 2016 from Emilia-Romagna has a dark purple hue that pours a beautiful purple fizzy head. The bubbles are small and light, the notes are floral with red fruits. Delightful on a hot summer night.

Taking a break from Italian wines, let’s move on to Slovenia and try a bottle of the Simčič Ribolla Classic 2016. The ribolla varietal is indigenous to Slovenia and is best grown in the mild Mediterranean climate. The bouquet is soft with notes of lemon, green apple, citrus and grapefruit. This wine would pair well with the Tagliatelle (house-made egg pasta, Perigord black truffle, parmigiano or the Risotto (Principato di Lucedio carnaroli rice, Oregon porcini, thyme, pecorino di noce).

If a trip to wine country in Italy is out of the question, may we suggest a visit to il Buco where you can peruse artisan wines at your pleasure.



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