Best Restaurants New York City and Wine Review

CorkRules | Nov 24, 2022

Whether you are just visiting or you’re a local to New York City, you know how difficult it can be to choose a new restaurant, but we can help. We’ve reviewed the best and brightest restaurants in New York City and we review the wine list, too. It’s a one-stop shop where you can find wine reviews and restaurant reviews.

In this article, we visit  ABC Kitchen on 35 East 18th Street.

ABC Kitchen’s tagline is ‘local, organic, home’, but while the atmosphere of this restaurant is comfortable and welcoming, and dare we say, wholesome, the menu is far beyond the meals your mother made.

This farm-to-table restaurant is wholly organic, focusing on fresh herbs, vegetables, and dedication to planet earth is clear in their use of recycled materials.

But what about their wine list?  Maria Valetta, wine educator and certified sommelier offers her advice on the one-page menu.

Although it is only one page, this wine list offers a carefully curated selection of wines from all over Europe.

Maria first noted  ABC Kitchen’s variety of skin-contact wines on the list. Skin-contact wines, or as they are more commonly known, orange wines, are white wines that have been made like a red, meaning that the wine has been allowed to stay in contact with the skins longer than normal for a white wine. This can be as little as a few days to as long as a year.

The result is a deeper color that ranges from pale gold to deep bronze, orange wines are full-bodied, and more tannic in nature. On this wine list, there are skin-contact wines from Spain, Austria, and Germany. Try the Muller Thurgau, Weinhaus Schlossmuhlenhof for $76 a bottle or ‘Das Ist Keine Orange’ 2020 from Germany at $70 a bottle. These wines are also offered by the glass which gives you the opportunity to try them without committing to a bottle.

Moving over to whites, Maria recommends one of her favorite Italian wines, a vermentino from Tuscany, the 2017 Vermentino, Tenuta Pietramora ‘Limite’. Tuscany is in Central Italy. Wine producers in this area are known for clean, light, and refreshing white wines. Perfect for summer days in the Italian sunshine, or sunshine anywhere.

This hand-harvested wine is slow-pressed with short skin contact. It’s light and dry with moderate acidity and notes of citrus, green apple and pear. It pairs well with the charcuterie plate or one of the market table salads, but given its light nature, it would also pair well with pastas and lean fish.

Maria also highlights an excellent pinot noir at a great price, an Argentinean malbec from a historic winery in Mendoza, and sparkling wines and champagne if your trip to ABC Kitchen is a special occasion, or you just want to celebrate life, because, well, why not?



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