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Big Games are set! Here are wine pairings for your favorite game snacks!

CorkRules | Jan 08, 2024

The NFL WildCard playoffs are set!! So when planning your menu for the coming big games or the Superbowl, incorporating a selection of snacks and wines that complement each other can really elevate the experience. Here are some classic game day snacks paired with wines, complete with recipes and recommended wines:

1. Classic Buffalo Wings & Riesling

Snack: Buffalo wings are a quintessential game day treat. To prepare, marinate chicken wings in a mix of hot sauce, melted butter, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne, and garlic powder. Bake until crispy and toss them in more sauce for that classic spicy kick.

Wine Pairing: A crisp Riesling. Its natural sweetness and acidity can tame the heat of the wings and cleanse the palate. Look for a Riesling with a balance of fruity and mineral notes, offering a refreshing contrast to the spicy wings.

Wine Recommendation: A.J. Adam - Dhroner Hofberg Riesling Trocken 2018, $42.99

2. Loaded Nachos & Zinfandel

Snack: For loaded nachos, layer corn tortilla chips with shredded beef, black beans, jalapenos, and cheese. Bake until the cheese melts and then top with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. This snack is a medley of flavors and textures.

Wine Pairing: A robust Zinfandel. This wine, known for its bold fruit flavors and a hint of spice, complements the meat and spices in the nachos well. A Zinfandel with notes of blackberry, cherry, and pepper would be ideal.

Wine Recommendation: Ridge - Lytton Springs Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley 2021, $59.99

3. Sliders with Blue Cheese & Cabernet Sauvignon – Staff Favorite**

Snack: Mini sliders made with quality ground beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, and grilled to perfection. Serve on small buns with blue cheese, arugula, and a thin slice of red onion.

Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon. The tannins in this wine cut through the fattiness of the beef and blue cheese, while its flavors of black currant, cedar, and herbs add an extra layer of complexity to the sliders.

Wine Recommendation: Concha y Toro - Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo Valley Terrunyo Pirque Viejo Vineyard 2018, $35.99

Wine Recommendation: Chateau Lynch-Bages - Echo de Lynch Bages Pauillac 2019, $58.99


4. Cheese and Charcuterie Board & Pinot Noir

Snack: Assemble a board with a variety of cheeses (think Brie, Cheddar, and Gouda), cured meats (like salami and prosciutto), nuts, fruits, and crackers. This offers something for everyone and encourages grazing throughout the game.

Wine Pairing: Pinot Noir. This wine is versatile enough to pair with the wide range of flavors on the board. Look for a Pinot Noir with notes of cherry, raspberry, and clove for a delightful match.

Wine Recommendation:  Bzikot Pere & Fils - Volnay 2018, $51.99

5. Spicy Shrimp Tacos & Sauvignon Blanc

Snack: Quick shrimp tacos with a spicy seasoning, topped with a slaw of cabbage, cilantro, and lime juice. Serve in small tortillas for easy eating.

Wine Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc. The zesty and citrus notes of this wine complement the spice and freshness of the tacos. A Sauvignon Blanc with hints of lime, green apple, and passion fruit would be particularly refreshing.

Wine Recommendation:  Gerard Boulay - Sancerre Chavignol 2022, $38.99

Pairing wines with your NFL game day snacks can transform your viewing into a gourmet experience. Remember, the best pairings balance the flavors and intensity of both the food and the wine. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what combinations delight your palate the most. Enjoy the game and the feast!



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