CorkRules App Users Top Wine Posts of 2023

CorkRules | Jan 02, 2024

As our community continues to grow, we were thrilled to discover some exceptional wines/producers posted by our CorkRules community in 2023. Check out these fabulous white and red wines:

White Wines:

1) Y D'Yquem Bordeaux Blanc: This luxurious French wine is truly a gem. It presents an intoxicatingly rich aroma of honey, apricot, and vanilla. The color is medium gold which reflects its age and oak maturation. On tasting, it's opulent yet perfectly balanced - dry but with luscious fruit sweetness complemented by vibrant acidity. Its full body envelops your palate while maintaining elegance throughout. Renowned critic Robert Parker described it as "liquid gold."

2) Alpha Omega Chardonnay: From Napa Valley comes this elegant Chardonnay offering soft aromas of citrus blossom mixed with tropical fruits like pineapple & mango – very inviting! The color is light golden reflecting its youthfulness & varietal character well. Taste-wise, it leans towards high acid coupled with moderate alcohol levels – crisp yet smooth without being overly buttery or oaky as some California Chardonnays can be.

3) Santa Chiara Paolo Bea: An Italian natural wine that's unlike any other! With medium intensity aromas of ripe stone fruits like peaches mixed with wild herbs and flowers; it's complex yet intriguing to the nose. A deep golden hue gives away its extended skin contact during fermentation (a characteristic of orange wines). Taste-wise, it straddles between dryness & acidity offering a unique textural experience due to its tannin presence - rare for whites!

4) Dalia Maris B Bianco: Hailing from Italy, this white has a soft floral bouquet intermingled with hints of green apple and pear aromas – fresh and inviting! Its light straw color suggests youthfulness and vitality. The taste profile leans towards high acid with subtle mineral undertones – refreshing without being overly sharp or austere. Medium-bodied at most, it pairs beautifully with seafood dishes.

Red Wines:

1) Le Volte Dell'ornellaia: This Tuscan blend boasts rich dark fruit aromas underscored by notes of tobacco leaf & spice box- truly seductive. The color is a deep ruby, indicative of its concentration and structure. On the palate, it offers high tannins balanced by good acidity & alcohol levels – a medium to full-bodied wine with complexity and length.

2) Insignia: A Napa Valley classic! This Cabernet Sauvignon-dominant blend exhibits rich cassis, blackberry jam aromas coupled with vanilla undertones from oak aging. Its color is an intense deep purple reflecting its power and depth. Taste-wise, it's dry with robust tannins that are well-integrated into the wine's full body – a hallmark of quality winemaking.

3) Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon: Another stellar offering from Napa Valley! With opulent dark fruit aromas laced with graphite notes - this wine captivates your senses right away. It sports a deep garnet color denoting its intensity and age-worthiness. On tasting, you'll find firm tannins supporting ripe fruit flavors along with high alcohol giving it great structure - undeniably full-bodied!

4) Pine Ridge Vineyards: Known for their Cabernet Sauvignons; this particular one didn't disappoint either! Medium intensity blackcurrant & cherry aromas intermingled with cedar hints make up the nose profile here while its medium-deep ruby hue reflects both varietal character & vinification techniques used (like oak maturation). The taste reveals moderate tannin levels paired well against refreshing acidity- making it more approachable in comparison to others on this list yet still retaining good body.

Thank you to our community, these wine posts were terrific! Keep them coming! Wishing you all the best in 2024.

Cheers! #drinkwhatyoulove

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