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CorkRules Launches on iOS, Making it Easier for Consumers to Navigate the Restaurant Wine List with Confidence

CorkRules | Feb 13, 2023

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CorkRules launched today on iOS as the first digital wine experience aimed at making it easier for consumers to navigate the restaurant wine list. Through the CorkRules app, consumers can easily find the perfect wine for every occasion based on their preferences, connect with friends and wine experts to discover new wines to try, and learn more about the world of wine. Users will get personalized wine recommendations at thousands of restaurants, making what can often be an overwhelming experience an easier one. CorkRules is available now for free on Apple iOS devices in the App store.

The CorkRules app is designed to help consumers feel more confident and comfortable ordering wine in restaurants. In a recent survey conducted by the company, only 9% of respondents indicated feeling confident when making a wine selection or purchase. And only 23% considered themselves knowledgeable on wine. “Ordering wine at restaurants can be intimidating and complex, even for me as a wine enthusiast,” says Founder Robert Tas, who has spent his career focused on building consumer experiences through digital platforms. “I created CorkRules to make it easier for people to find and drink what they love.”


Key features of the app include:

Personalized Wine Recommendations from Thousands of Restaurants: The CorkRules database includes wine lists from restaurants across the United States, and the team is actively expanding the database to include more restaurants every day.

Wines Tailored to Each User: Special Occasion? On a budget? Love Bordeaux? CorkRules provides users with expert wine recommendations tailored to their preferences in just a few taps.

Social feed: CorkRules users can keep up with friends and wine experts too, including certified sommeliers through the CorkRules feed, built with social media like features including the ability to post, like, comment and share updates pre, during and post a dining and wine experience. This will allow users to keep up on restaurant trends and discover new wines.

Connect with Friends: CorkRules provides the ability for users to “Friendsource” trusted wine recommendations by discovering wines friends have rated, reviewed or shared like to expand their wine choices CorkRules is built using proprietary technology leveraging machine learning to surface personalized and tailored recommendations, and leans on a team of wine experts, sommeliers and restaurateurs to advise on ongoing development. For a complete list of wine experts and CorkRules sommeliers, visit CorkRules.

Wine sales in general are lagging among younger consumers. And restaurants, especially, have seen the impact, with a 2022 wine sales growth rate at 9.6 percent, down from growth of 18.2 percent in 2021. Tas is looking to address that – both making diners feel more comfortable purchasing wine in restaurants through technology and in enabling restaurants to sell more wine from their inventory. The hope is that this app will enhance the beverage team in the restaurant, will provide conversation starters at the table and will allow restaurateurs to manage their inventory.

“You shouldn’t need a PHD to order a bottle of wine at a restaurant. This app will allow consumers to understand value, quickly discover what they love, and find recommendations based on what they have enjoyed in the past,” Tas added.

CorkRules is also committed to expanding wine education through easy-to-digest articles and helpful wine tips in partnership with wine experts, including content on understanding wine varietals, quick tips for picking wines by occasion and cuisine, and basics of pairing, and will add features about wine, such as understanding wine varietals, quick tips for picking wines by occasion and cuisine. The company introduced a podcast, The CorkRules Podcast, in 2022 featuring wine experts making suggestions from wine lists at top restaurants around the country.


ABOUT CORKRULES: CorkRules is the first digital wine experience aimed at making it easier to navigate the restaurant wine list by providing consumers with personalized wine recommendations. Launched in February 2023, the CorkRules app gives consumers personalized wine recommendations for every occasion at thousands of restaurants across the United States based on a user's wine preferences, expert opinions and friends’ reviews. Available for download now on Apple iOS devices. To learn more, visit CorkRules.com.



Media Contact: Lori Lefevre Wells, lori@lorilefevre.com

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CorkRules makes it easier to discover and drink what you love at your favorite restaurants. Coming soon to Apple iOS devices.

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