Craft New York Restaurant Review

CorkRules | Nov 02, 2023

Craft New York is the debut restaurant from renowned chef Tom Colicchio. It opened in 2001 and has become a timeless classic and a must-visit destination for those seeking an exceptional dining experience.

Food: 4.5/5 – Craft New York offers an outstanding culinary experience with a thoughtfully curated farm-to-table menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The standout dish for me was the perfectly cooked Prime T-Bone steak, which was tender, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. The selection of sides, like the Hen of the Woods (mushrooms) and Gnocchi, complemented the main courses beautifully. However, I was slightly disappointed by the absence of exceptional fries, but this minor blemish was overshadowed by the overall excellence of the food. Also, the souffle was a true masterpiece, leaving me in awe of its exceptional taste and texture. A must-have!

Service: 4.5/5 – The service at Craft New York is genuinely excellent. The staff is highly attentive, welcoming, warm, and knowledgeable. They displayed a genuine passion for providing exceptional service and went the extra mile to ensure every guest had a memorable dining experience. However, there were a few instances where the staff seemed slightly overeager. Nonetheless, the overall level of service was exceptional.

Wine Program: 5/5 – Cheron Cowan, the Beverage Director, has curated a fabulous wine list. The selections are extensive and offer a thoughtful choice of wine for casual enthusiasts and wine nerds. The list includes all the classic bottles one would expect, as well as some hidden gems for those seeking a unique experience. The staff is well-versed in the wine offerings and can provide expert recommendations to pair with your meal. Additionally, Craft New York offers a selection of after-dinner digestives, adding the perfect touch to conclude your dining experience. Please check out the wine list in the CorkRules app for reference and also note our two CorkRules podcasts reviewing their list: Episode #304 with Cheron Cowan and Episode #55 with Grace Hood.

Vibe/Atmosphere: 6/5 – The vibe at Craft New York is simply fabulous. The restaurant exudes a trendy and hip ambiance while maintaining a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The energy in the dining area is vibrant, making it an ideal setting for social gatherings or business dinners. Despite the lively ambiance, the acoustics are well-managed, allowing enjoyable conversations without strain. The seating arrangements are spacious and comfortable, and the modern decor adds to the aesthetic appeal. Even the bar areas look like a neighborhood place to enjoy a libation with delicious bites.

Craft New York surpassed my expectations in every regard and continues to be one of my go-to places. When I entered the restaurant, I was greeted with warm hospitality and attentive service. The menu presented various tantalizing options, and each dish exceeded my expectations regarding flavor, presentation, and quality. The wine selection was impressive, and the staff's knowledge and recommendations enhanced the dining experience. The stylish and inviting ambiance added to the overall enjoyment, making Craft New York a must-visit destination for any food lover. I highly recommend this restaurant for a remarkable dining experience, whether for a special celebration, a business event, or a memorable night out.









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