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Drops of God: The AppleTV Series That Could Save the Wine Industry

CorkRules | Jun 03, 2023

Drops of God, the popular manga series by Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto, has been adapted into a television series by AppleTV and has some buzz in the wine world. The AppleTV series tells a story about a competition between Camille's (Fleur Geffrier) estranged daughter and Issei (Tomohisa Yamashita), the protégé after the death of Camille's father, a famous wine collector, to win his world-renowned wine collection valued at $100M+.

The show has been compared to the 2004 movie Sideways, which follows the journey of two friends as they travel through California's wine country. Both Drops of God and Sideways share a common theme of discovering wine's joys and the culture surrounding it. The film had an immediate impact on both tourism and sales by introducing people unfamiliar with wines.

However, Drops of God takes it to a new level with its intricate and detaileddescriptions of wines, vineyards, and the people behind them. The series has created a buzz in the wine world, with viewers becoming curious about the winesmentioned in the show and eager to try them themselves.

The cultural impact of Drops of God has been immense in Japan, with the manga series selling over 30 million copies and the television series was a huge hit. The show has inspired a generation of young people to explore the world of wine and has even led to an increase in tourism to wine regions.

This is a golden opportunity, but yet it's surprising the wine world has not leaned into Drops of God more, missing a chance to bring people of all ages into the wine world. With the decline in wine sales, it's clear that the industry needs to reimagine how it markets its products and brings new consumers into its ecosystem.

This emphasis on education is something that many experts argue could be key for helping bring new consumers into the wine world who have until now been unaware or intimidated by all there is out there; young people can significantly benefit from having access to this kind of information without needing expensive classes or sommelier certifications first.

Drops of God comes at a unique point in time for the wine world and offers a significant opportunity to educate and bring people of all ages into the wine world. The cultural impact of the series in Japan and the potential impact it could have in the US and around the world cannot be ignored. Time is ticking, and the wine world cannot afford to miss this opportunity.


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