Four must try white wines for under $24 from France, Spain, and Italy

CorkRules | Feb 27, 2024

Check out these four whites wines under $24, from some great producers across some various terroirs – France, Italy, Spain. Spring is in the air.

1. Albert Bichot - Mâcon-Villages 2021 – $16.99

First up, let's head to the beautiful region of Burgundy in France where we'll find Maison Albert Bichot, a family-owned winery with roots dating back to 1831. The winemaker here is Alain Serveau who brings over two decades of experience and an unyielding commitment to crafting wines that express their terroir.

The Mâcon-Villages 2021 is a Chardonnay varietal which boasts an alcohol level of around 13%. This wine has been described by critics as having a lively acidity complemented by flavors of green apple, lemon zest and just a hint of mineral undertones giving it its unique character.

Tasting notes highlight this wine’s fresh nose offering pleasant aromas of fruits like peach and pear mixed with citrusy hints. It's well-balanced on the palate, combining richness, liveliness and long-lasting flavours.

When it comes to food pairings for this gem from Burgundy? Think seafood dishes or poultry in cream sauce; even goat cheese would be great!

2. Arnaldo Caprai - Grechetto Colli Martani Grecante 2018 - $16.99

Next stop: Italy! We're visiting Umbria's prestigious Arnaldo Caprai Winery known for reviving Sagrantino di Montefalco grape variety since its establishment in1971 under Marco Caprai’s leadership.

Our focus though is on another one of their treasures- the Grechetto Colli Martani Grecante 2018 made entirely from Grechetto grapes with an alcohol content at about 13%.

Critics have praised this white wine for its delicate bouquet marked by enticing tropical fruit scents along with some floral nuances while tasting notes reveal ripe peaches, honeydew melon balanced beautifully against a backdrop of crisp acidity.

Pair this Italian delight with appetizers, pasta dishes or fish for an unforgettable meal!

3. Bodegas Ponce - Reto Manchuela 2021 - $23.99

Spain is our next destination where we find the innovative Bodegas Ponce in Manchuela region founded by Juan Antonio Ponce in 2005 who uses biodynamic farming to bring out the best from his vines.

The star here is their Reto Manchuela 2021 made from Albilla grape variety and has an alcohol level of about 13%. This Spanish white wine has won over critics with its complex profile boasting aromas of pear, ripe apple intermingled with floral notes while tasting reveals fresh minerality balanced against vibrant fruit flavors.

As for food pairings? Try it alongside seafood paella or grilled chicken for a perfect match!

4. Feudo Di Montoni - Catarratto 2021 - $19.99

Finally, let's journey to Sicily where Feudo di Montoni winery lies nestled since late eighteenth century under Fazio family’s stewardship currently led by Fabio Sireci who champions organic viticulture.

Their Catarratto 2021 crafted from native Sicilian grape varietal 'Catarratto' offers around 12% alcohol content making it light and refreshing on palate.

Critics have praised this wine's expressive nose filled with hints of citrus fruits and wildflowers leading into lively acidity that perfectly balances the lush tropical fruit flavors upon tasting.

Food pairing suggestions include Mediterranean fare like grilled vegetables, risotto or even fried calamari would be delightful companions!

Whether you're new to wines or just looking to expand your palette without breaking bank these four wines offer great value packed full of flavor! So why not take your taste buds on a global tour today? Thanks @GrapesWineCo. 

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