Happy Holidays!

CorkRules | Dec 24, 2023

Happy Holidays! 

In the heart of winter's grand design,
A tale unfolds with food and wine.
Gathered 'round a festive table, we dine,
To celebrate, to laugh, to intertwine.

Bottles uncorked in merriment so fine,
Reds and whites from the vine divine.
Each sip a story, each taste a line,
In this holiday symphony by candle shine.

Roasted turkey golden brown aligns
With stuffing spiced with sage and thyme.
Cranberries gleam like rubies mined,
Their tartness sweetened over time.

Potatoes mashed, their buttery incline
Rises high as snowy Alpine.
Green beans tossed in garlic brine,
And pies for dessert - oh how they shine!

As laughter echoes through pine and twine,
Our hearts are warmed by this sign:
That food and wine can realign
The ties that bind us – yours and mine.

We raise our glasses high above
To toast to those we dearly love.
For moments shared under stars above
Are blessings sent from heavens dove.

So here’s to us; let our lives intertwine
Over plates filled high, over sips of wine.
Let's cherish these moments so benign;
This feast of love is our sacred shrine.

Around this table where candles glow bright,
We find joy in each other’s light.
For it’s not just about appetite;
It's unity that makes everything right.

Through every clink of glass resounds
A melody that truly astounds:
Gratitude for all life compounds -
Love within these walls surrounds.

So here's to holidays steeped in tradition fine;
May your days be merry, may your nights shine!
With gratitude deep as old grapevine -
Raise your glass...it's time to dine!

We are so grateful to our CorkRules Community. We are sending our best wishes. Enjoy the holidays, drink what you love with friends/family and please be safe. See you next year! 




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