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The Switch? – #restaurantfail #winelistfail

CorkRules | May 23, 2024

Navigating the wine list at a restaurant can be a daunting task, as many wine lovers have experienced. In our previous article on the tension of ordering wine at restaurants, we discussed this issue and shared some tips to help ease the process. However, one CorkRules user has recently encountered a situation that highlights just how challenging it can be.

Kate was hosting an important client for dinner at a popular high-end dining establishment when she was asked to order wine for the group right away. No pressure. As she perused through the extensive 500-bottle list in search of a reasonably priced option that would suit everyone's tastes, she turned to her trusty CorkRules app for assistance. With limited choices under $200, Kate finally settled on what seemed like a great deal - a Burgundy recommended by the app. Yes burgundy under $200.

However, things took an unexpected turn when the sommelier arrived with news that their chosen bottle was unavailable. Instead of offering similar options within their budget range, he presented them with two significantly more expensive alternatives – 5X higher than her original choice. This put Kate in an uncomfortable position not only because it exceeded her price point but also because these wines may not have been suitable accompaniments to their meal. While Kate managed to negotiate with the sommelier and get him to honor her initial selection's price point eventually, this experience left her questioning his credibility and that of the restaurant itself.

It is all too common for customers to encounter misleading or outdated wine lists and sommeliers who prioritize pushing high-priced bottles over providing genuine guidance.

To avoid falling prey to such tactics while dining out:

- Do your research beforehand by checking online menus or using apps like CorkRules. - Don't hesitate to ask questions about prices or recommendations from your server.

- Be confident in your choices and don't feel pressured into buying something outside your budget.

At its core, dining out should be an enjoyable experience without any added stress or tension. By being informed and assertive, you can avoid the wine list hustle and have a more pleasant time at your next restaurant visit. Let's continue to trust but verify and hope for more transparency in the industry. After all, ordering wine should enhance our dining experience, not leave us feeling taken advantage of. #orderwithconfience

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