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What's in Your Fridge? A Toast to Champagne, Rosé, and Riesling!

CorkRules | Jan 26, 2024

Hello wine lovers! Have you ever opened your fridge and wondered what to pair with that leftover sushi or Chinese takeout? Well, worry no more! We're here to tell you that there are three bottles of wine you should always have chilling in your fridge: Champagne, Rosé, and Riesling. These versatile wines can be paired with a wide range of foods, especially takeout favorites like sushi, Chinese, and Thai. Let's dive into some specific wines that you should consider keeping on hand.

First up is is Drappier - Brut Champagne Cuvee Charles de Gaulle NV - $74.99. This champagne house has been crafting exquisite bubbly since 1808 in the Champagne region of France. The Cuvee Charles de Gaulle NV is a tribute to France's former president who was particularly fond of their champagne.

This champagne boasts a fine effervescence, revealing aromas of white fruits and notes of dried fruits. Wine Enthusiast describes it as "rich and full-bodied, with a fine balance between acidity and ripe apple and pear flavors." This champagne is a perfect match for sushi. The bubbles and acidity cut through the richness of the fish, while the fruity notes complement the sushi's sweetness.

Next our list your staple rosé, the Chateau de Pibarnon 2022 - $44.99. Nestled in the hills of Bandol, France, this winery has been producing exceptional wines since the 17th century. The 2022 Rosé is a blend of Mourvèdre and Cinsault grapes, resulting in a wine with a delicate pink hue and an enticing aroma of fresh strawberries and rose petals.

The wine critic Jancis Robinson describes it as "a rosé with substance," praising its "long-lasting flavors" and "impressive structure." This rosé pairs beautifully with spicy Thai dishes. The wine's fruitiness complements the heat of the food, while its acidity cuts through rich coconut-based curries.

Last but not least, we have Von Winning - Riesling Herrenletten Erste Lage Trocken 2021 - $39.99. Located in Germany's Pfalz region, Von Winning has been producing world-class wines since 1849. Their Riesling is renowned for its complexity and elegance.

The 2021 vintage offers a wine profile that's rich with citrus fruits, white peach, and a hint of minerality. Wine critic James Suckling praises it as "a very polished dry Riesling that’s simultaneously juicy and crisp." This Riesling pairs wonderfully with Chinese food. Its bright acidity balances out salty soy-based dishes, while its fruitiness complements sweet-and-sour flavors.

So there you have it! Three bottles to keep in your fridge at all times: Chateau de Pibarnon Rosé for your Thai nights, Drappier Champagne for sushi evenings, and Von Winning Riesling for Chinese takeout. Your taste buds will thank you!

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