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  • 3621 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
  • 4:55 min

Grant Wood, wine educator and certified sommelier, and Robert Tas visit Delfina, a wholly “Cali-Itali” restaurant that bridges that offers a beautiful amalgamation between the old-world and the new. This cozy and intimate restaurant offers a casual dining experience with fine-dining quality.  This location does not disappoint and neither does the wine list. Grant recommends wines to pair well with items on the menu and suggests a few stellar cocktails to kick off your Delfina experience.

Wines reviewed include:

●  2019  Weissburgunder ‘Praesulis’ by Gump Hof in Alto Adige

●  2021 Carignan from Railsback Freres

●  2016 Barbera by Guiseppe Mascarello

About Grant

Grant grew up in a 1950s ranch house in the Napa countryside and was introduced to food and wine during his high school days working in catering. While working at Cardinale, a bottle of 2000 Howell Mountain Cabernet Franc changed the way he looked at wine, and his wine career took off. Grant is n...Show More


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