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Robert Tas interviews wine educator, author, and sommelier Jane Lopes about her new book, Vignette: Stories of Life and Wine in 100 Bottles. Jane talks about her journey from studying Renaissance literature to becoming a master sommelier and wine author. Jane recommends the 100 bottles of wine (and some spirits and beers) that are affordable, accessible, and will expand your wine journey. The book also gives a complete palate education of the important styles, grapes, regions, and flavors.

You can buy Jane’s book Vignette: Stories of Life and Wine in 100 Bottles on Amazon.

Transcript: Vignette: Stories of Life and Wine in 100 Bottles

Jane Lopes Author

RT: Hello and Welcome to Corkrules!

I’m your host Robert Tas along with my special guest Jane Lopes one of the most accomplished master sommeliers and author Vignette:
Stories of life and wine in 100 bottles.

Hello Jane, thanks for being here on CorkRules, - a podcast where we help simplify and demystify the wine lists at your favorite restaurants. We usually talk with certified sommeliers, wine/food professionals who point out interesting bottles, classic food and wine pairings, hidden gems,  value wines, or splurge wines that will take our experience over the top. But today we are here to talk about your fabulous book – Vignette Stories of Life and Wine (in 100 Bottles).

JL: Thank you so excited to be here.

RT: Jane, I loved your book for a number of reasons but let’s start by getting to know you a little and your journey.

JL: (Give a little bio, background, journey in wine, to writing the book, what you’re doing today, new projects coming.)

RT:  So Jane, your book is part memoir and part wine education. I loved your stories, they were real, genuine and raw. Can we start by talking how the book came about?

JL: (Talk about the idea of writing a book.)

RT: Your personal story is so inspiring, can you talk about what got you into wine?  

JL: (The beginning)

RT: Talk about the journey to pass the master sommelier exam. As the only woman in Australia, and one of only 34 women in the world to pass the become Master Sommelier.

JL: (Master)

RT: Let’s talk about Madison Park and Catbird seat. I’d love to hear more about how those journeys' shaped you.

JL: (Madison/Catbird)

RT: So let’s pivot to 100 wines in your book, we are a wine podcast after all. Why these?

JL: (Let’s name some specifics).

RT: People would have expected a list of only high-end wines, bucket list wines but you call out some very reasonable ones.

JL: Talk about the value of wines and why

RT: I really loved your book for a number of reasons but the education part was excellent, we here at CorkRules are always about making wine more accessible, can you talk more about how the education piece, the illustrations and what the wine world could continue to do?

JL: Education

RT: Jane, thank you for being our guest today.

To our audience, Please go and read Jane Lopes’ fabulous book – Vignette 
Stories of life and wine in 100 bottles we will add a link on our site.

To our audience, Thank you all for joining us here on Corkrules.

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