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CorkRules | May 04, 2023

The Lobster Club in the Seagram Building, New York City is a Japanese Brasserie that is renowned for its unique interpretation of Japanese cooking and Sushi, and what’s even more exciting is that it has an extensive wine list.

Certified sommelier, Michaela Quinlan, reviewed the wine list to find the perfect pairings with sweetness and spice, the unique value wines, and the extraordinary bottles on their list. In addition to spotting the best bottles, Michaela also shared her knowledge of the Kabinett classification in German wines.

The term Kabinett originally implied a wine of superior quality, set aside for later sale. It is essentially the German version of the wine term Reserve. Kabinett wines are generally non-chapatilized which means they have not had sugar added to the unfermented grape must, which means that Kabinett wines are usually lower in alcohol content. The term originated from the Cistercian monks at Eberbach Abbey in Rheingau, where they deemed the wine too good to sell and set it aside for their own cabinet.

A wise choice. So let’s see what’s in the cabinet at The Lobster Club.

The wine list is extensive, and it’s also online so you can review the list before you hit the restaurant.

At the top of the list, you will find half bottles of sparkling, white, and red from a wide range of regions in France, Italy, and the United States. This offers an excellent opportunity to try a wine without committing to a full bottle. For half bottle white, consider the 2017, Selbach-Oster, Riesling Kabinett from the Mosel region is reasonably priced and offers the opportunity to try a Kabinett wine.

They also offer a full range of champagnes that range from a very reasonable Moussé L'Or d'Eugene, Perpetuelle at $85 to a 1996, Taittinger Comtes de Champagne priced at $1250. They also offer a large variety of French Burgundy wines, and red Burgundy wines. While this extensive list offers wines from Europe and the States, it definitely favors French wines followed closely by Californian wines.

They also offer a large selection of magnums and large format, three-litre bottles, so if a celebration with friends, family, and/or coworkers is the goal, they have the selection, the size, and the substance to let you and your party celebrate in style.

For more info on the Lobster Club wine list, visit and check out episode 4 of the podcast where Robert and Michaela identify a few stellar wines to try.



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