Pairing Wine with Lobster at the Atlantic Grill

CorkRules | Jun 28, 2023

The mere mention of the Atlantic conjures up images of seafaring captains, shoals of fresh fish, and salted beef. Luckily, Atlantic Grill in NYC is a little more sophisticated. The Atlantic Grill is known for serving the freshest seafood from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

And to help you find the perfect wine to pair with lobster and more, Kim Kuznitz wine educator and certified sommelier explores Atlantic Grill’s wine list. This wine list carries 160 labels The menu here is inspired by ocean life, in fact, an abundance of fresh fish is displayed on ice and in an aquarium, although they do offer a couple of meat dishes, this restaurant is definitely focused on seafood and sushi.

When pairing wine with seafood, you must consider how the dish was prepared.

Take lobster for example. Whether this feisty crustacean is baked, broiled, steamed or grilled, how it is cooked changes the flavor of the meat. Boiled lobster tastes fresher, a little saltier and sweeter with a softer texture. Baked lobster has a deeper flavor and a meaty texture. When grilled, it’s chewier with a bit of char, and when steamed, it has a fresh, salty-sweet taste, and is softer than when boiled. You also have to take into consideration any sauces, marinades, or spices that have been added.

In general, it’s best to avoid heavy, tannic reds, which could potentially create weird flavors, and a metallic taste. Lobster is quite a delicate, sweet meat, so it’s often best to go with a wine that has a ripe, mid-palate of fruit.

A house favorite at Atlantic Grill is the House Whole Lobster Salad, a simply delicious creation of Maine lobster, tomatoes, basil, celery, haricot vert, lemon dressing, and to pair with this meal, Kim recommends five styles of wine that pair well with lobster.

Chardonnay. Always a popular favorite, and whether it is oaked or unoaked, a chardonnay will not overpower a lobster dish and it works well with creamy, buttery sauces.

Riesling and gewurztraminer. Although these two German varietals can be sweet, they can also be dry and high in acidity. Choose one that is light on sweet, the citrus notes accentuates the sweetness of the lobster without overpowering it. Gewurtraminer is lower in acidity, but a light, clean gewurtztraminer provides a fresh partner to the richness of the lobster.

Sauvignon blanc has good acidity and zesty citrus and complements boiled or steamed lobster.

Sparkling wines. A bottle of Champagne, or even a Rose Champagne and other sparkling wines like Prosecco and Cava are always good options.

Chianti. This red is low enough on tannins that it won't interfere with the delicate flavor, but it’s high enough in acidity herbaceous notes to enhance the lobster.

For more information on the wine list at the Atlantic Grill, click on over to the CorkRules podcast wine review.

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