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Certified sommelier Cecilia Bonet joins host Robert Tas for another episode of CorkRules. In this episode, Cecilia navigates the wine list of Leland Brooklyn, a neighborhood hot spot for local food and a wine list that features natural wines from some of the best producers of organic, biodynamic wines.

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2019 Alessandro Viola "Note Di Bianco" (Grillo) Sicily, Italy 
  • 2019 Nicolas Joly "Coulee De Serrant" Savennieres, France 
  • 2014 Le Soula "Terroir D'altitude" Cotes Catalanes, France
Transcript: Leyland Brooklyn



2019 Alessandro Viola "Note Di Bianco" (Grillo) Sicily, Italy 56

2019 Nicolas Joly "Coulee De Serrant" Savennieres, France 190

2014 Le Soula "Terroir D'altitude" Cotes Catalanes, France 78

2020 Podere Pradarolo "Vey" (Malvasia) Emilia-Romagna, Italy 64

2020 Frank Cornelissen "Susucaru" Terre Siciliane Rosato, Sicily, Italy 67

2019 Altare "Dogliani" (Dolcetto) Piedmont, Italy 52

2018 A.D. Beckham "Aequalis" (Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir) Willamette Valley, Or 82

2020 Arnot-Roberts "Witter Vineyard" (Gamay Noir) Sonoma, Ca 74

2019 Silvio Messana "Montesecondo" (Sangiovese) Tuscany, Italy 55

2019 Domaine Berlioz "Les Gueux" Savoie, France 58

Prospect Heights

Local spot with fabulous comfort good and a great list with lots of

Natural wines

Top Level View

As they say on their website, Leland has in their wine list a little something for everyone. This is a clear example of a somm’s work. The selection of wines and spirits are sourced from small producers practicing sustainability, featuring some of the best producers of organic and biodynamic wineries.

You will easily find your wine if you search by style, as they distinguish between sparkling, white, orange and rosé wines, red lightly chilled, and full-bodied red wines.


Unique Stuff

I’d like to suggest you this time a Gamay Noir. The 2020 “Witter Vineyard” Gamay from Arnot-Roberts winery, is a perfect choice to enjoy with the Grilled pork chops and Beans. This Gamay is slightly peppery, with bright acidity, light pigmentation, and soaring, spice-driven aromatics.

“Arnot-Roberts Wines” is a joint project of school hood friends, founded in 2001 in Sonoma County. And the duo has been one of the most progressive and revolutionary producers on the California landscape.

This would be my option.

Value Wines

I found a gem here, an orange wine! Before I suggest you the bottle, let me briefly explain what an orange wine is.

Just like almost every other kind of wine, orange wine is made by pressing and fermenting grapes. The main difference between orange wine and other wines is the way how the grape is processed

While making white wines, winemakers remove the grape´s skins and pips before pressing them into a juice. This will take away many of the naturally occurring tannins and will make the wine appear much lighter. The Orange Wine uses white grapes as well, but they are fermented with their skins and the wines use to have much more structure.


Having said this, I will recommend you the 2020 Podere Pradarolo "Vej", a Malvasia grape produced in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. It is a much more than an affordable wine, and it’s a must on this wine list. This skin-contacted wine is complex and quite structured, a bit tannic but full of herbal notes, dry flowers and citrus peel. The Anchovy Toast would be a good choice with this Malvasia.


Bigger budget/Special Occasion

The 2019 Clos de la Coulée de Serrant is undoubtedly one of the great wines of this planet and one of the stars alongside 1989 and 1995. It´s a creamy white wine with powerful aromas of ripe white fruit, citrus notes and herbal and woody hints, that was produced with 100% Chenin Blanc in the area of Loire Valley, France; by one of the most well-known biodynamic winemakers in the world Nicolas Joly.

Offering excellent weight, roundness and density, this wine is more than an excellent choice for the Charred Lemon Skillet Mussels.


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