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Certified sommelier Alexis Rogers joins CorkRules once again, in this episode she explores the wine list of Crown Shy, a restaurant with a European foundation that draws inspiration from international cuisine. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2016 Cantalapiedra Verdejo Chivitero from Rueda, Spain
  • 2019 Domaine Curtet Frisson de Cimes
  • Premier Cru Chateau Sigalas-Rabaud.
Transcript: Crown Shy

Crown Shy

RT: Hello and Welcome to CorkRules!

A podcast where (in each episode) we will review a wine list from your favorite restaurants. I’m your host Robert Tas along with Alexis Rogers, Wine Educator and Sommelier

 RT: Hi Alexis and thanks for joining us on another episode!

AR: Hi Robert! Thanks for having me! I really liked browsing the list over at CrownShy and I can't wait to share some of the cool bottles I found! This is a real wine geek’s dream list!


Well, then let’s jump right in!  Here at Cork Rules, we help decode and demystify wine lists at some of your favorite restaurants because we know firsthand how intimidating being handed a well-appointed wine list can be.

Today we are talking about Crown Shy - the first solo project of Chef James Kent (formerly of Eleven Madison Park) and restaurateur Jeff Katz. Marked by its beautifully dramatic 16 ft floor to ceilings windows, this Michelin starred neighborhood restaurant boasts a concise and very to the point menu and a wine list to match.

So Alexis, what’s your overall impression of the list @ Crown Shy?

AR: It’s everything you need and nothing you don't. It’s well organized and easy to browse - their website even has a “search” option! All of our major and important regions are represented by a few well-selected bottles but there’s also some very unique stuff here!

RT : Let’s start with the unique then!

AR: Don't miss the section on “Skin Fermented White Wine” aka Orange Wine. This is a white wine made like red wine - that is, left in contact with the grape skins and/or seeds which are the sources of a lot of flavors and tannins. With white grapes, this process delivers tangy, firmly-structured wines with a sort of bruised apple/nutty/sour tangerine “funkiness” to them. I would be interested to try the 2016 Cantalapiera Verdejo Chivitero from Rueda, Spain. The grape here is Verdejo, a white grape that grows nearly exclusively in Rueda, and has a similar taste and aromatic profile to Sauvignon Blanc. Here we’ll get notes of lime, honeydew, grapefruit, white peach and herbaceous fennel. Pair this with the famed Gruyere Fritters with chilli and lime to match the wine’s citrusy tanginess.  

RT: That DOES sound interesting (Insert opinion/experiences with orange wines). I definitely think “funky” is our operative theme here with Crown Shy.

AR : I agree! I really found some very cool off-the-beaten-path bottlings at great price points that I didn't expect from a spot in the Financial District! Like the 2019 Domaine Curtet Frisson de Cimes. Not your typical red blend, this beauty is made up of almost equal parts Gamay and Mondeuse with a smattering of Pinot Noir and comes to us from the French region of Savoie right on the border of Switzerland. Gamay - the grape made famous in Beaujolais - contributes juicy pomegranate, wild raspberry and gravelly soil notes while the Mondeuse brings black cherry, white pepper and milk chocolate to the blend. This is a lighter style of red brimming with all that juicy red fruit but balanced by a firm minerality and subtle earthiness. This bottle wouldn't suffer from a slight chill and is meant to be consumed young and fresh. This 2019 vintage is at the height of its drinking window right now,

RT: I love a big rich, aged red wine but I find lighter styles like this can be a little more food-friendly sometimes. Especially if I’m eating something with finely-tuned expressive flavors like we see with the dishes at Crown Shy.

AR : Absolutely! And speaking of expressive flavors… did you see that Satsuma Orange Ice Cream with Honeycomb and Toasted Marshmallow? I looked specifically for a wine to complement this!

RT: I sure did! I know pairing wine with dessert can be tricky, what did you come up with?”

AR: It can as the wine should be at least as sweet as the dessert in order for one not to drag the other down. My answer is Sauternes! Sauternes is a village in Bordeaux that produces the world’s most famous dessert wines from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Muscadelle. They belong to a family of lusciously sweet wines known as “Botrytis” or “Noble Rot” wines. They are extremely concentrated and very sweet but that sweetness is supported by beautiful acidity to prevent them from being cloying. The tasting notes alone are enough to make your mouth water - think apricots dripping in honey, orange marmalade, ginger, saffron, hazelnut, caramel and a touch of smokiness. Try a glass of the Premier Cru Chateau Sigalas-Rabaud.

RT: Wow! What a way to wrap up a meal! I can’t wait to check out Crown Shy! Alexis, thank you so much for being our guide and helping us find all these cool bottles as well as introducing us to some new grapes. To our audience, Thank you all for joining us here on CorkRules.

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