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Wine educator Samantha Hohl shares her expertise with Robert Tas as they navigate the extensive, 700-bottle list of Lelabar. Elegant but casual is the vibe at this bar that offers a wide variety of wines by-the-glass from around the world. With a list like this, Lelabar provides an excellent opportunity to explore new wines paired with a menu that offers artisanal cheeses, and small production plates of charcuterie & fish. Samantha identifies the hidden gems and value wines to mix and match with small bites and special snacks for a sensational pairing adventure.

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2016 Clos Signadore Rouge A Mandria
  • 2019 Blandine Cotes De Gascogne from Southwest France
  • 2018 Rojac Istra from Slovenia
Transcript: Lelabar


RT: Hello and Welcome to CorkRules! 

A podcast where, in each episode, we will review a wine list from your favorite restaurants. I’m your host Robert Tas along with Samantha Hohl, wine educator. Hello Samantha, it’s great to have you!


Lelabar has a selection of over 700 wines and a curated menu of small bites, charcuterie and artisanal cheeses. Lelabar’s setup is really exciting because you can sample a variety of wines with different small dishes or see how they pair with a certain cheese or meat. Lelabar offers most of their wines by the glass and their menu allows you to mix and match these small plates with different wines for a true pairing adventure! 


A few wines that stood out to me from the list were food-friendly wines from lesser-known winemaking regions. 

If you’re looking to start with a white wine, the Vinedo de los Vientos Estival from Uruguay is a fun place to start. It’s a blend of gewürztraminer, chardonnay and moscato. The vines get these cool ocean breezes, ideal for slow ripening of the grapes. This wine has great tropical flavors of pineapple and passion fruit, complemented by hints of citrus and floral notes. It has a medium body and great acidity and would be a fun pairing with the Pyrenees Brebis cheese to compliment the floral notes in the cheese as well. 

If you’re looking for a red wine, you might try the 2016 Clos Signadore Rouge A Mandria. This wine is produced on the Mediterranean French island of Corsica, and has many notes to savor like cherry, fig, tobacco, and eucalyptus with hints of rose. It has silky tannins and great minerality as well, making it a perfect partner for the Wagyu beef sliders on the menu. 

Value Wine

This extensive wine list has value wines in many styles, making it absolutely approachable if you want to try something new and be mindful of cost. 

 A budget-friendly white could be the 2019 Blandine Cotes De Gascogne from Southwest France. This wine is made with primarily Colombard and has great herbal aromas with apple and citrus notes. It has nice acidity that is ideal for pairing with food, and would be great with a creamy cheese like the La Tur, or even the Gigantes beans.  

The 2018 Rojac Istra is another great value from Slovenia. Made from the Refosco grape, this wine is full-bodied and so flavorful. It has notes of cherry, raspberry, cocoa and dried herbs along with a little salinity on the finish.

Celebration wine 

Lelabar’s wine list offers such exciting choices, including many bottles that would be great for a celebration or just to savor a special bottle. 

Maybe you’d like to go with a red and try the 2015 Olivier Riviere “Pozo Alto” Rioja. This red blend has great intensity, and notes of juicy red fruit and graphite. It would be delicious with the charcuterie selections on the menu. 

Or maybe you’re celebrating and in need of bubbles! The 2007 Rilly-la-Montagne Coeur de Cuvée is a delicious and classic option. Made with 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir, this elegant bottle has ample lemon, notes of toasted brioche and zippy acidity. It would be fantastic with the Fromager D’Affiinois double cream brie. Whatever style of wine you prefer, Lelabar likely has a special bottle in that category. This is definitely a place you could go back to over and over to keep trying new things!

RT: Amazing! Thank you so much Sam for helping us navigate the 701 West wine list.

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