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Samantha Hohl, wine educator and certified sommelier, and Robert Tas kick back at the restaurant, Stoneacre Garden where they not only have a welcoming and wholesome dining room where you will experience deliciously comforting cuisine, but they also offer a greenhouse bar, a courtyard bar, and rooftop bar. The vibe here is vibrant, fun, and wholly delightful. They frequently host events including live music. And to top off your experience, they offer a well-developed wine list.

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2017 Les Vieux Clos Joly Chenin Blanc, France

  • 2015 Raúl Pérez Ultreia, Spain

  • 2018 Gail Vineyards “Doris”, Sonoma Valley

Transcript: Stoneacre Garden

Hello and welcome to CorkRules! 

A podcast where, in each episode, we will review a Wine List from your favorite restaurants. I’m your host Robert Tas along with Samantha Hohl, wine educator and certified sommelier. Hello Sam, it’s great to have you!

SH: Hey Robert great to be back.

RT : Before we jump in, let’s talk about CorkRules. We created CorkRules to demystify wine list’s because we know from experience, that sometimes when we get that list handed to us, well… it can be intimidating, and even a little daunting.

Our aim is to help prepare you to navigate that list, find those hidden gems, or value wines or that special bottle that will take your dining experience over the top.

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RT: So, sit back and listen as we review your favorite wine list. Today Sam and I …

Cork Rules

Stoneacre Garden


Located in Newport, Rhode Island, Stoneacre Gardens has a greenhouse bar and dining room, a courtyard bar, and rooftop bar where you can enjoy incredible sunsets. They create internationally inspired dishes that you can enjoy while overlooking the views of the water. 



This wine list is straightforward and categorized into four sections. It consists of mostly Old World selections but includes wines from the United States as well. It’s a well-crafted list that includes some classics as well as lesser-known bottles and producers.


Interesting finds

A unique red I saw on the list comes from La Garagista Farm and Winery in Barnard, Vermont. They are known for their wines and ciders and ‘The House Music Homefarm Field Blend’ is their take on a Lambrusco. It’s made from 6 varietals that grow in their mountain vineyards including Marquette and Frontenac Noir. They focus on mostly hybrid grapes that can withstand the cool climate. They hand pick their grapes and also utilize good old foot stomping to crush them. I love this pick to start with because it’s just so playful. It’s going to have bright red cherry and raspberry notes along with some dark fruit flavors too. The zippy acidity and the effervescence make it perfect to start the night with and it will also accompany rich dishes



A great option for a white would be the 2019 Gerard Boulay Sancerre Monts Damnes. Of course, Sancerre is a much beloved appellation in the Loire valley, and this bottle comes from the village Chavignol, which is known for producing really sought after and gorgeous expressions of a Sancerre. The Boulay family has a history of grape growing in Chavignol since the 1300s so there’s some amazing history here. This bottle is going to be full of those gooseberry and citrus notes, along with herbaceous qualities and hints of grass. Try it with some classic pairings like salmon, or with fried or creamy dishes, like the crab rangoons or shrimp chips and crab dip.


This list has a nice range for bottles on the more affordable side so you could go in a lot of directions. A red that stood out to me was the 2018 Gail Vineyards ‘Doris.’ This is a fun choice for a few reasons, one of which is that the winemaker, Dan O’Brian, is originally from Rhode Island and now creates a variety of wines showcasing the varietals of Sonoma Valley, California. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is also fermented in stainless steel instead of oak, so instead of having those notes of vanilla, spice, or smoke it’s going to be more juicy and acidic than oaked Cabernet. This wine will have blackberry and ripe blueberry notes, along with aromas of eucalyptus. It’s a little lighter and racier, so definitely a fun way to experience Cabernet in another way. Something handheld would be playful with this bottle, like the Beef Burger or the Chickpea Vegetable Burger!


There’s some fantastic finds on here if you’re looking to make the night a little extra special. The first one that stood out to me was the 2015 Raúl Pérez Ultreia. This bottle is made from 100% Mencia grapes and is produced by Raúl Pérez who’s a well known Spanish winemaker in the Bierzo region. Mencia has been compared to Beaujolais and Cabernet Franc so this could be a fun bottle to try if those are wines you enjoy. It’s going to have both red and black fruit flavors and earthy tones as well.

A delicious white wine to elevate the evening could be the 2017 Les Vieux Clos Joly Chenin Blanc. Nicolas Joly took over the Joly family winery in 1977 and has been influential for biodynamic winemaking in France. He currently runs the estate with his daughter and their Loire Valley Chenin Blancs are highly praised. This wine will be crisp and acidic, really aromatic. It’s going to have notes of pear, apple and lots of mineral qualities. It’s got a fuller body and great complexity. It can also handle rich and citrusy food so it will pair with a variety of dishes on the menu.

RT: Sam Thank you so much for all your great suggestions and helping us navigate Stone Acre’s wine list. I can’t wait to go try them myself.  

To our audience, thank you all for joining us here on CorkRules.

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