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In this special episode of CorkRules, Robert Tas interviews Bartholomew Broadbent, founder and CEO of Broadbent Wines Limited.  Bartholomew was named one of the “fifty most influential people in the wine world” by Decanter Magazine (1997) and ranked 48th in the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the U.S Wine Industry” in 2013 by IntoWine.com, and in this episode, he shares his journey and adventures in the wine industry, beginning with an early introduction to the industry with his father, before moving on to the fascinating history of Madeira, the rise and fall of sales in the States, and how he chooses wine in a restaurant. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • Rainwater Madeira

  • 10 Year Sercial Madeira

  • Broadbent Single Cask O 078 Verdelho Madeira

Transcript: Bartholomew Broadbent


Bartholomew Broadbent:

RT: Hello and Welcome to Corkrules! 


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Welcome to today’s podcast with my special guest, Bartholomew Broadbent who is wine expert specializing in madeira and port. And also, the son of industry legend Michael Broadbent.


Bartholomew, Welcome to the CorkRules podcast.


BB: …


RT: Bartholomew, you and your family have some very impressive roots in the wine industry. Can you share your journey from working with Steven Spurrier to where you are today? 




RT: Wow, fantastic, journey. So, we are here to talk Madeira, I must admit I’m very much novice, but I’m fascinated by its rich history can we start with a little primer?



BB: …


RT: I read the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson this was their drink of choice?


BB: …


RT:  As I understand it Madeira almost disappeared in the US after prohibition and you brough it back in the late ‘80’s?


BB: …


RT: Can you walk us through the types of Madeira there are?


BB: …


RT: Talk about NV and Vintage Madeira? How old is old?


BB: …



RT: What are the best ways to enjoy Madeira? Food pairings?  


BB: …


RT: Can you recommend a starter Madeira for a rookie like me?


BB: …


RT: What about something for our more experienced wine collector?


BB: …


RT: You also do a lot in Port how do they compare?


BB: …


RT: Let’s pivot our conversation to the industry and how we get younger consumers to try to these fabulous wines? I don’t see too many Gen z’ers ordering a glass.





RT: Bartholomew, thank you so much joining us here on CorkRules sharing your passion and knowledge.    


BB: …


RT:  To our audience, thank you all for Joining us here on Corkrules.


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Thank you.





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