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In this special episode of CorkRules, Robert Tas interviews Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Pipher, the co-founders and CEOs of Juliet, a company that turns perceptions of boxed wine upside down and delivers quality wine in sustainable, accessible packaging.   They talk about their unique design choices, how they overcame the stigma surrounding the quality of boxed wine, and why they got into the business in the first place. They also discuss the quality of wine, including orange wines, and the longevity of wine due to the packaging.

Topics discussed include:

  • The inspiration behind the design

  • The innovative, sustainable packaging

  • The premium quality of their wine, including appellations and varietals


Transcript: Juliet

Juliet Wine:

RT: Hello and welcome to CorkRules! 

A podcast where we typically will review a wine list from your favorite restaurants but today we are talking about an innovative new wine - Juliet Wine. I’m your host Robert Tas along with my special guests  co-ceo’s Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Pipher.

Hello Ladies, I’m so excited to have you join our CorkRules podcast.

J: Hi Robert, it's great to be here.

RT: Let’s start by giving our listeners and quick introduction to Juliet Wine. How did you get into the wine business?

J: Give some background, share the story.

RT: Why boxed wine? It’s got a stigma?

J: …

RT: I love the design. How / who did that come about?


RT: As I’ve gotten into wine, I’ve been learning about sustainability.  I did an episode with wine critic Jane Anson about it. Let’s talk more about that.

J: …

RT: Alright let’s pivot to wine, can you talk about the wine itself, grapes, where do you source?

J: …

RT: I attended your pop-up the other night and I can vouch for it and say it was terrific. How are sales going? You launched a year ago?

J: …

RT: Where can people get it? What’s your plan?

I’m going to ask again where we can find-

J: web, discount code for listeners.

RT: Ladies, thank you so much for joining here on CorkRules and we love what you’re doing and wish you great success.

Again listeners can find Juliet wine at their website – drinkjuliet.com..

To our audience, Thank you all for Joining us here on CorkRules.

We are looking forward to being with you on another CorkRules episode soon. In the meantime, please check out our website for all our latest episodes and to download the CorkRules app for apple ios. It provides personalized wine recommendations at over 40K restaurants, allows you to order wine with confidence with price transparency, and of course, connect with your friends.

And finally, drink what you love and please make sure you drink responsibly.

Thank you. We look forward to being with you on another CorkRules episode soon.










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