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Robert Tas and Channing Frye talk wine culture, wine community, and of course, Chosen Family Wines. Channing shares his journey from the NBA to winemaking, the community of winemakers he works with and how his company chooses the winemakers to work with. He also explains what he loves about the wine industry, what he thinks should change, and of course, his wines, including a bottle you’ll want to save for ten years, and an exciting rose.

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2021 Chardonnay, Lingua Franca

  • 2021 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Salty Goats

  • 2022 Willamette Valley Rosé, Chosen Family

Transcript: Chosen Family Wines


Chosen Family Wines:

RT: Hello and Welcome to CorkRules! 


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Welcome to today’s podcast with my special guest,  Channing Frye who is known for his basketball career with the NY Knick and Cleveland Cavaliers but we are here to talk about his wine – Chosen Family which I must say is a real slam dunk.


Channing, Welcome to the CorkRules podcast.


CF: …


RT: Channing, it was a pleasure meeting you and tasting your wine in Aspen. I have to say it blew me away.  No disrespect but it was great. That chard was rocking.


CF: …


RT:  Alright let’s take a step back before we get into your wine, for those of you who don’t know Channing. He was a professional basketball player and played for the NY Knicks, a few other teams and  won a NBA championship ring with Cleveland Cavaliers. He had a fabulous basketball career but is now putting his passion behind his wine. Channing I’d love to start to get to know you with how your started your wine journey? Where did you get introduced? What wines made their mark with you?


CF: …


RT: What’s with the all the NBA guys getting into wine making? Melo, D-wade, CP3 to name a few? Do you all guys compare notes, do tastings? BTW I have an app for that. LOL


CF: …

RT: Let’s talk about Chosen Family Wines, you started it with former teammate Kevin Love, close friend Jacob Gray, and wine maker Chase Renton. Can you share your vision for entering the wine world?


CF: …


RT: I loved learning about your philosophy of wine. I hear you say, wine is about community, breaking bread with friends. CorkRules was born with the same premise to make wine accessible to all and elevate shared experiences. Tell us more about it.


CF: …


RT: Let’s talk about diversity in the wine, you’re a real inspiration to folks. What else should we the industry be doing? BTW we also meet at Roots fund Gala, we Fabulous event.


CF: …


RT: Alright this is wine podcast after all, so let’s talk about your wines. Tell us about your juice? You have chardonnay, rosè, pinot’s to Syrah’s. Who are the partners you work with? How do you go about that?


CF: …


RT: Any other varietals on the horizon?




RT: Give us some insight into your wine making process and approach? You have an interesting model in making your wine and collabs? How do choose who to work with?


CF: …


RT: What are you most proud of with your wine making?


CF: …


RT: Which wine is your favorite?



RT: Where is your wine available? How are you thinking about distribution? Any special offers for CorkRules listeners? What’s the website?


CF: …


RT: Channing, Thank you so much joining us here on CorkRules sharing your Chosen Family Wines.   


VA: …


RT:  To our audience, thank you all for Joining us here on CorkRules.


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Thank you.





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