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In this episode of CorkRules, Robert Tas interviews, Viva Lenoir Head of Aromas and Development Officer at Le Nez. Viva was born around the same time as Le Nez du Vin, the olfactory book created by her father, Jean Lenoir. A keen enjoyer of wine, she specializes in the sensory analysis of coffee and whisky. A former comedian and radio speaker, Viva had an interesting and adventurous life before returning to the world of wine. As a child, her father introduced her to the concept of tasting notes in wine, and now she follows her passion for aromas and the adventures of the olfactory system. 


Transcript: Le Nez du Vin


Le Nez du Vin

RT: Hello and Welcome to CorkRules! 


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Welcome to today’s podcast with my special guest,  Viva Lenoir, she is the 

Head of Aromas and Development Officer at Le Nez. Le Nez is a sensory education company helping oenophiles build their muscles to learn and enhance their wine knowledge.  We share a common mission which is to make wine more accessible.


Viva, welcome to the CorkRules podcast.


VL: …


RT: Did I describe the Le Nez company mission right?


VL: …


RT: Let’s talk about you and your role, journey to the company? Background.


VL: …


RT:  Can you share your father’s journey in starting the company?


VL: …


RT: Let’s pivot to the product Le Nez du Vin. Can you talk about the kits and how customers use them?


VL: …


RT: Wow, let’s talk more about how we can all be better tasters/smellers? Olfactory training tool? How does it all work? What is olfactory?


VL: …


RT: Tell me about primary, secondary, and tertiary smells?




RT: How should one use your kits? How often?


VL: …


RT: You mentioned you have kits for coffee and whiskey too.




RT: Do you have any new projects planned?



VL: …


RT: I read your favorite wine is Chenin Blanc, which wine is your choice and why?


VL: …



RT: Viva, Thank you so much joining us here on CorkRules sharing your journey, and your father’s mission. We are so humbled to have you.  For our listeners, you can get your own Le Nez du Vin kit on WineAromas.com here in US.


VL: …


RT:  To our audience, thank you all for Joining us here on CorkRules.


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