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Robert Tas and Tina Johansson, WSET Diploma Graduate and Michelin restaurant sommelier, review the wine list at BRAT, a one Michelin-star restaurant in the gastronomic quarters of Shoreditch in London. The food is traditional British, but all cooked with open fire, and the wine list offers a delightful selection from France and Spain, but also other European countries like Italy, Greece and Portugal, and the list includes an adventurous selection under the title “Off the Beaten Path, for all those who want to try something new and expand their palate. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2021 Guimaro Cepas Viejas, Ribeira Sacra, Spain

  • 2020 Domaine Roulot Meursault Premier Cru Clos des Boucheres, Burgundy

  • 2020 Comando G La Breña Premier, Spain


Transcript: BRAT

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RT: Hello and welcome to CorkRules!

I’m your host Robert Tas along with Tina Johansson, WSET Diploma Graduate and Michelin restaurant sommelier.

Hi Tina, thanks for being back with us on another episode of CorkRules, - a podcast where we help simplify and demystify the wine lists at some of your favorite restaurants. We talk with certified sommeliers and wine professionals who point out interesting bottles, classic food and wine pairings, hidden gems, value wines, or splurge wines that will take your dining experience over the top.


TJ: Thank you Robert, great go be here.


RT: Today we’re talking about BRAT, a one Michelin star restaurant in the gastronomic quarters of Shoreditch in London. Within just a few hundred meters from this address you’ll find plenty of other Michelin restaurants and other fantastic places to dine in. Quite the area! But even though they hold a star, the vibe here is very low key and warm. The wooden tables are tightly spaced together and most food is made to share.


TJ: Yes, BRAT is definitely one of the most talked about restaurant in London the last couple of years. I’ve had the opportunity to dine here twice myself and it’s a very unique restaurant.

The food is traditional British, but all cooked with open fire. Most of the techniques comes from the Basque country of Spain where open fire cooking is very common.

RT: Wow, I’m very excited to go. Do you have any highlights from your visits here?

TJ: Yes, I once had a pickled mackerel that was something I’ve never tried before. It was great. But the best thing was the wine list! It’s not that long, but filled with small and artisan producers, even some more natural. Most wines are from France and Spain, but also other European countries like Italy, Greece and Portugal. The wine list is sorted into segments to help the guest choose it’s wine easier; there’s the easy drinkers, the classics and off the beaten path. I really like that idea!

RT: So do I! And I’ve taken a look at the menu for food as well and it’s all fantastic. Spider crab with tomato, partridge with blood pudding and of course their signature dish: whole turbot to share.


TJ: Yes, the question is just what to drink… Why don’t we start with something from the easy drinkers category? I have my eyes on the 2021 Guimaro Cepas Viejas from Ribeira Sacra  in northern Spain. It’s a Godello-dominated blend. Fruit driven, fresh but with a slightly oily texture. Sounds like the perfect first bottle to me.

RT: Fabulous start. Always good to start with something fun but easy drinking. So next up we might continue with something from the classic part of the list? What would be your top choice for their signature turbot serving?

TJ: Well nothing is better with white fish than a classic Meursault, so a Burgundy white, for me. A fullbodied Chardonnay is always a safe choice. So I say we opt for the 2020 Domaine Roulot Meursault Premier Cru Clos des Boucheres. Fantastic producer making clean and modern Meursault that usually sell out quite fast these days.

RT: I couldn’t agree more. A classic Burgundy is always amazing with food. I can’t wait to try this pairing! As a last bottle for the evening I suppose we must try a bottle from the part of the wine list called off the beaten path. Always exciting to try something you don’t drink that often. What do you have in mind for us?

TJ: We’ll go back to Spain for the last bottle. A light and refreshing red with lots of fruit flavor but still great structure. The 2020 Comando G La Breña Premier is on the list, and I love this wine. The producer Comando G focuse on the Garnacha grape and is based outside Madrid. They source their grapes from old vineyards, and they are all very well made, and a very different expression of the grape. A must try!

RT: Sounds like a great wine to end an evening with here in BRAT. Thank you for being back with us Tina.To our audience, thank you all for joining us here on CorkRules.

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And finally, drink what you love and please make sure you drink responsibly.




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