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Tina Johannson and Robert Tas review the interesting selection of wines on the wine list at Kochi. If you want to know which wines to pair with Korean cuisine, this is the podcast for you. Tina reviews a unique selection of wines, including a food-friendly crisp white that pairs well with street corn fritters served with caviar, a white from a cult producer, and a fruity red wine from Patagonia.

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2021 Anima Negra Quibia, Mallorca

  • 2013 Coche-Dury Bourgogne Blanc, France

  • 2020 Bodegas Chacra Barda Pinot, Argentina

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RT: Hello and Welcome to CorkRules! We are excited to announce our CorkRules app is now avialble on the Apple App store for download. It has 40K restaurants …



I’m your host Robert Tas along with Tina Johansson, WSET Diploma Graduate and Michelin restaurant sommelier.


Hi Tina, thanks for being back with us on another episode of CorkRules, - a podcast where we help simplify and demystify the wine lists at some of your favorite restaurants. We talk with certified sommeliers and wine professionals who point out interesting bottles, classic food and wine pairings, hidden gems, value wines, or splurge wines that will take your dining experience over the top.


TJ: Happy to be here Robert!


RT: Today we’re talking about Kochi, a Korean restaurant in New York that opened just at the start of the pandemic, but despite of that they already have one Michelin star. Unlike some Michelin restaurant they are open every day and serve a set menu of nine courses that all highlight the Korean cuisine.


TJ: Yes, and their wine list is quite interesting. It’s short for a place like this and their focus is on classic French wine, but I find it quite special. You can tell the somm has chosen their favorite producers from around the world, from classics like Italy to rosé from Lebanon and a few highlights from the New World. I also like that their drink pairing is a mix of wine, beer and Korean soju which is a local distilled beverage traditionally made from rice. It’s always fun to try new things!


RT: That’s quite the unique wine list! And I agree, I like when restaurants bring their concept all the way from the food to the drinks and beyond. So the food menu here in Kochi changes with the season, but some of the dishes served right now are crispy shrimp with Korean remoulade and pork tenderloin with cashew and kimchi. I’m sure there’s plenty of fun picks from the list for food like this.


TJ: Yes, something that caught my eye while flipping through the list was the 2021 Anima Negra Quibia, a white wine from Mallorca. It’s nothing fancy, not an expensive bottle but it has a unique expression. Fresh acidity, creamy body and almost a salinity to it. Very food friendly with its intensity but still a crisp bottle of white to start the dinner with. It’s a great wine to pair with the street corn fritters served with caviar as well!


RT: Wine from Mallorca, not something you drink every day. I’d be happy to start with that! Do you think that would be a good bottle for an entire meal in Kochi? I’m thinking maybe the wine needs a bit more intensity to handle all the flavor here?


TJ: You’re right. If you’re opting for one bottle for the evening I would also choose a bigger white. They have quite the treat here with Coche-Dury Bourgogne Blanc from the 2013 vintage. A bit of oak and a bit of maturity will give this wine a richer body. It’s not often you find this cult producer on a list, especially not a back vintage for a price like this. It would be quite the wine to drink, making it a special night on its own.


RT: That’s just an amazing bottle. Nothing more needs to be said about it! And for the wine drinker who’s always in the mood for red, what do you suggest?


TJ: I’m going to say the same as about the white wine, we need a bit more intensity but not too much structure and tannins. With flavorful food like this a very fruity red wine is a good choice. One of my favorite Argentinian producer has their Pinot Noir on the list, it’s the 2020 Bodegas Chacra Barda Pinot from Patagonia in the south. It’s quite the cool area with perfect climate to make high quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but a bit more sunshine than Europe so a bit more luscious fruit aromas.


RT: I hear Patagonia is really an up and coming wine growing area. Something to keep an eye out for! Thank you for your amazing recommendations today, Tina.

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