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Maria Valetta, wine educator and certified sommelier, and Robert Tas join forces for a fun review of the wine list at Bar Zazu where they offer wines from around the globe with a special focus on Spain. If you wonder just what to pair with the charred Spanish octopus with chorizo, gremolata, almond, romesco or the seafood paella, Maria has the wine for you. In addition to wines that make your meal just too delicious for mere words, Maria offers a little wine education on lesser-known varietals such as the Tintilla, the Callet, and the Tannat. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2018 Samuel Tinon “Birtok”, Tokaj, Hungary 

  • 2017 Anima Negra “An” 2017, Mallorca

  • 2016 Garzon Single Vineyard Tannat, Uruguay

Transcript: Bar Zazu






RT): Hi Everyone, welcome back to CorkRules! The wine APP & podcast that’s here to help YOU navigate all your FAVORITE restaurant wine lists.

I’m your host, Robert Tas, along with Maria Valetta, wine educator, and certified sommelier, also known as Maria The Wine Blonde on Instagram. Welcome back Maria

MV: Hi Robert, HI everyone! Stick around because today we are having fun talking tapas and interesting grapes.

RT: That’s right, Today our podcast takes us to Bar Zazu located within the Resorts World Casino. Zazu is an upscale tapas lounge, where you can expect to be captivated visually with its colorful lighting, daring digital art, and tempting wine wall on full display. And remember, this is tapas dining at its best, making this a social, shareable experience. I think food like this, calls for one of those bottles from the wine wall, what do you think Maria?

MV: I think the sommelier put a lot of thought into curating this list. Bravo!!

If you like to try something new all the time, as I do, you are going to love the wine list at Zazu.

RT: Tell us about all the fun stuff Maria

MV: Well by the glass they have some great whites, particularly the Furmint by Samuel Tinon “Birtok”, Tokaj, Hungary 2018 normally this grape is used to make very sweet wine that’s a gorgeous golden apricot color called Tokaji but this is made in a dry white wine style and is going to make those CHEESE & SALUMI BOARDS really shine.

They also have an unusual rosé from Portugal, by the glass made from Syrah, the 2020 Mariella, a Vinho Regional from the Setubal Peninsula, Portugal with a beautiful label that has a mermaid with a harp on it.

For reds, the Alvaro Palacios “Camins del Priorat”, 2020 Garnacha from Spain

Is going to pair so well with most all of the tapas plates here, try it with the CHARRED SPANISH OCTOPUS with chorizo, gremolata, almond, romesco

RT: Sounds great and I imagine the by-the-bottle list highlights even more interesting wine?

MV: You know it! Standouts for me of interesting wines are the Anima Negra “An” 2017, a Spanish wine made from a grape called Callet, native to the island of Mallorca.

This red wine is going to be floral, smoky and herbal with oaky barrel notes two

And this other red, made from a variety called

Tintilla , the Alberto Orte “Vara y Pulgar” 2018, Tierra de Cadiz, Spain in the southwestern part of the country near jerez where sherry is produced which by the way Bar Zazu has some great sherries by the glass I almost forgot to mention that!

But back to Tintilla, this grape disappeared after the phylloxera epidemic in the early 20th century but Alberto Orte recovered a few cuttings from abandoned vineyards that managed to survive phylloxera, and after many years of effort, they have managed to bring back the vines of Tintilla and are making wines now.

RT: I love when winemakers bring history into the future… It's so important to cultivate these native varieties.

MV: it sure is and while the first red is more premium the Tintilla is very affordable.

RT: Fantastic, speaking of affordable, any others you recommend in that kind of price point?

MV: for whites the Albarino Morgadio 2020, Rias Baixas this white is going to go with everything from the jamon and cheese croquettes to the Seafood Paella.


For another red option, the Garzon Single Vineyard 2016 Tannat from Uruguay  sometimes the tannat grape can be a little too chewy and intense but this is a riper version that’s layered with complexities of wild blueberries, black plums, chocolate and a black pepper finish…  the skirt steak with green peppercorns with this bad boy for sure,

RT: Great options! And for something a little special?

MV: With this food, I really have to pick a great wine from Spain, and while definitely that wine from Mallorca I mentioned, that’s a great option if you’re up for spending a little more, but also need to call out the R. Lopez de Heredia “Tondonia” 2009, Rioja Reserva, Spain  a beautiful wine from the Tempranillo grape that’s always a fav and has some age on it and hard to find.

And quickly... you know what else could be fun, if you have a group, finish the evening with a bottle or glass of Madeira! They have some great older vintages of this super caramelized, nutty-flavored fortified wine, like the  D’Oliveiras 1977 Sercial

it truly is a way to sip on some history.

RT: And that’s the most fascinating part about drinking wine in my opinion.. the history.

RT: Well thank you Maria for talking about interesting wines at Bar Zazu with us and thank you, everyone, for joining us on another episode of CorkRules. Be sure to download the app from the Appstore and start getting your personal restaurant wine recommendations directly to your phone. You can find more wine educational tips from Maria on Instagram @mariathewineblonde and on the CorkRules app.

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