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Maria Valetta, wine educator and certified sommelier, and Robert Tas review the wine list at Jasmine, in Bellagio Hotel. This restaurant is located in a beautiful setting that serves Cantonese, Szechwan, and Hunan cuisine. If you don’t know what to pair with Asian food, don’t worry, Maria identifies the tasting notes in wines and offers pairing suggestions with meals on the menu, including well-known favorites such as Peking Duck and, for the adventurous oenophile, she suggests trying China’s best wine from the foothills of the Himalayas. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2020 Marc Bredif, Vouvray, Loire Valley, France

  • 2019 Sokol Blosser, Dundee Hills, Oregon

  • 2018 Ashes & Diamonds, Blanc, a Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc blend, California

Transcript: Jasmine

Jasmine Bellagio Hotel and Casino

RT:  Hi Everyone, welcome back to CorkRules! The wine podcast that’s here to help YOU navigate all your favorite restaurant wine lists so you can learn to order wine with CONFIDENCE.

I’m Robert Tas, along with Maria Valetta, wine educator, and certified sommelier, also known as Maria the Wine Blonde. Welcome back Maria

MV: Hello Robert! I’m excited to talk about elevated Chinese cuisine and wine pairings with the list at Jasmine.

RT: Me too Maria, but before we get started, let’s talk about CorkRules. CorkRules was created to help you navigate the wine list so you will always love the wine you drink. With CorkRules in hand, you can confidently and easily select wines from wine lists based on your preferences of flavor, style, region, and even price! Plus, you can check out which wines your friends ordered and try them yourself. Want to get started? Then check out our podcast wine list reviews, our Top Sommeliers are here to help you find those hidden gems, value wines, and those special celebration-worthy bottles.

Now Maria, tell us a little about Jasmine Restaurant in Las Vegas.

MV: Surrounded by gardens and beautiful views of the Bellagio Lake and the famous fountain show, Jasmine Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino intertwines upscale elegant décor with the flavors and exotic aromas of Cantonese, Szechwan, and Hunan cuisine.  Featuring upscale versions of signature eastern dishes such as Peking Duck and Shanghai-Style Sea bass, Jasmine is a must for all lovers of Asian cuisine.

RT: Jasmine sounds incredibly special and I have also heard they have an award-winning wine list!

MV: Yes, you have heard right… and I was so happy to hear this restaurant finally reopened post-pandemic.

MV: So walk us through the list…

MV: to start we have a lovely selection of wines by the glass with quite a few standouts such as the Marc Bredif, Vouvray, Loire Valley, 2020 [Bin - 3004770] a Chenin Blanc, from the Loire valley France $15 and the Alexana by Revana, Pinot Gris, from Willamette Valley, Oregon 2015 $14 both great options for dishes that feature exotic spices and would be perfect with the various soups on the menu.

RT: Any reds by the glass that you feel would work well with the starters on the menu?

MV: The starters showcase interesting pork dishes such as BBQ style pork, potstickers and pork ribs with garlic and so here I would select the Pinot Noir, Sokol Blosser, Dundee Hills, Oregon 2019, and also with Peking DUCK!

RT: I Love Peking duck! What about some standout bottles here.. anything interesting or special?

MV: They have a nice selection of German Riesling listed in graduating order of grape ripeness… Kabinett, Spatlase, Auslese,  and then under the dessert list they have few in the Beerenauslese , Eiswein and Trockenbeerenauslese category.  I don’t usually see menus break it down into those specific categories,  I like that they do that. Also the Ashes & Diamonds, Blanc, a Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc blend from California 2018 caught my eye for this type of cuisine oh and …check this out, a wine from China… something I am sure we will see more of in the future. It is not INexpensive, but the Cabernet Sauvignon, Ao Yun, Yunnan Province 2013 from the foothills of the Himalayas has quickly become China’s best wine, so if you're up for trying something you’ve never had, this is the place to go for it and remember it has had a nice bit of cellaring and is ready to drink now!



RT: Wow that’s super cool and I have to say I have not come across Chinese wines on many wine lists and I see a lot of wine lists! I love it! So that one you said is a bit on the pricey side, what about some wallet-friendly finds?


MV: Sure thing, Let me see, well for sure one of the German Rieslings, Dr. Loosen, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Known as the famous sundial vineyard in the Mosel region of Germany with blue slate soils, 2021 $80 is going to pretty clutch with Chinese cuisine.

But also they have one of my fav Gruner Veltliner producers, the Nigl, (*eagle)Gruner Veltliner, Freiheit, Kremstal 2018 both of these wines will shine with soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, garlic, all the spices and flavors on the menu.


RT: I could see how they would complement Chinese cuisine really well which can be a little harder to pair wine with, could we also pull off a red selection with this food.


MV: Absolutely we can, especially since Jasmine has all the Chinese favs such as Mongolian beef , beef broccoli and Black pepper garlic beef tenderloin. So for a great value in red we head down under to Australia , the Torbreck, Woodcutter's, Barossa Valley 2017 Shiraz… Aussie shiraz tends to be less tannic and so that will make this red more friendly to those spicy flavors. You get both Complexity and richness in this wine which is rarely found at this price!


RT: So Shiraz and Cantonese that’s a good tip!


MV: Well I really really love Chinese food with Beaujolais but we don’t have that option here.. that would be a good addition honestly.


RT:  But overall they have quite a selection.. I mean look at all the first growth Bordeaux!


MV: oh yes, remember they get a ton of VIPs in the casino restaurants, so that said,

 if you’re looking to take it up a couple notches, and throw all your winnings at a 100 pointer here, then the Continuum, Napa Valley, California 2018 $575 is the way to go.. this wine will continue to change in your glass all night long and although it’s still young, because it’s new world you get lots of fruit, all of it, red, black and blue… and the 2018s are showing more supple tannins making it still a winner with most of our menu options, I would just opt for the less spicy meat-based options.

RT: What would we find you drinking at Jasmine Maria?

MV: My choice? Hmmm, that’s tough, who’s buying? haha

MV: If someone else is buying, the Salon, Le Mesnil, Blanc de Blancs, Mesnil-sur-Oger 1997 because Salon is my favorite champagne b/c it is one of the last released champagnes in the world, because they are one of the pickiest houses when it comes to declaring a vintage, and it’s very hard to find plus bubbles can cut the richness of fried and salty foods. If it’s my tab you’ll find me geeking out on the Müller Catoir, Burgergarten Im Breumel, German Auslese Pfalz 2016 [Bin - 3002647] $145 a little sweetness and acidity with Asian Cuisine is what I love!

RT: Haha! Awesome well thank you Maria for helping us navigate the wine list at Jasmine in Las Vegas. Be sure to check out Maria on Instagram @Mariathewineblonde and Thank you everyone for joining us today, remember the only rule in wine is “drink what you LOVE”.

MV: Have a favorite wine List? Let us review it here. Send us your requests at info@CorkRules.com You can find previous episodes on your favorite podcast platform and on The CorkRules website. Be sure to follow @CorkRules on Instagram for episode and app updates. Prices and selections are subject to change, please drink responsibly.










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