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Maria Valetta, wine educator, and certified sommelier, and Robert Tas navigate the wine list at the Mexican restaurant Viva Garcia where they choose wine to pair well with bold Mexican flavors. The list offers a great selection of Mexican wines from Mexican wine country,  Valle de Guadalupe, in addition to a fine choice of old and new world wines. Maria introduces a flight of rosés, and value Spanish wines. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2018 Raúl Pérez, Ultreia Saint Jacques, Bierzo, Spain

  • 2017 Solar Fortune, Syrah, Valle de Guadalupe, B.C., Mexico

  • 2020 The Domaine de Triennes, Rosé, Provence, France

Transcript: Viva Garcia

Viva Garcia


RT): Hi Everyone, welcome back to Corkrules! The wine APP & podcast that’s here to help YOU navigate all your FAVORITE restaurant wine lists.

I’m your host, Robert Tas, along with Maria Valetta, wine educator, and certified sommelier, also known as Maria The Wine Blonde on Instagram. Welcome back Maria

MV: Hello Robert looks like our episode is all about bold Mexican Flavors but NOT paired with margaritas !

RT: That’s right Maria, SO We’re guessing you all may have heard the term Viva Las Vegas!....BUT have you heard of  Viva Garcia?  As in the famous Chef,

Ray Garcia and his eponymous restaurant in Resorts World Casino? If not, now you have….Chef Garcia mixes together traditional and modern Mexican cooking to create vibrant dishes full of flavor in a colorful and exciting atmosphere.  Sure, the margaritas are great here But let’s talk about the wine list Maria.

MV: This list is pretty straightforward forward with sections of Sparkling, Rose, White and Red. What I like the most about this list are the multiple-by-the-glass offerings of  Rosé ….4 different options so you can actually make your own flight of rosé, and also a great selection of Mexican wines from Mexican wine country known as Valle de Guadalupe.. which is my fav up and coming wine region to visit right now.
RT: Yes I have heard of Valle De Guadalupe but have not been yet, but how great to see this restaurant supporting this wine region. Do they have any Mexican wines by the glass?


MV: They do and one is a white wine from one of my fav producers that I have visited while there: Casa Magoni. They have their 2020 Chardonnay-Vermentino, blend. 50% chard, 50% vermentino..YESSSS an Italian variety... Wineries in the Valle de  Guadalupe are actually planting and experimenting with a lot of Italian Varieties, Expect Green apple and pear aromas, on the nose of this wine, the vermentino adds refreshing acidity. Pair it with Chef Garcia’s guacamole or Yellowtail Ceviche!

RT: And you said they have some great Rose’s by the glass?  Let’s talk about those briefly..

MV: Yes, let’s talk about Rosé because the weather is finally starting to warm up here.. I recommend making your own flight and trying these 3 rose wines:

1.) The Domaine de Triennes, Rosé, Provence, France 2020 The Provence, France  a traditional Provence rose the 12.7 made from 4 grapes: Cinsault – Syrah -Grenache – Merlot

2.) Then the Ontanon, Clarete Rosado, Rioja, Spain  a Spanish Rose from Rioja made from Tempranillo grapes 13% and the

3.) Daou Vineyards, Discovery Rosé, Paso Robles, California all Grenache Noir grapes made in the classic Provençale style but a little riper with the 14.1 % alc

RT: Wine flights are always a lot of fun

MV: they sure are and they are a great way to discover your favored taste profile in wines … by the way, if you like that Daou Rose, you’ll probably also love their  2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, , a great Paso Robles,  Cab also OFFERED BY THE GLASS.

RT: Daou wines are always reliably good. So By the bottle which are your favorite value wines?

MV: Actually, this is easy as most wines on this list ARE value wines, but standouts for me are the Raúl Pérez, Ultreia Saint Jacques, Bierzo, Spain, 2018 $64 made from the Mencia grape that’s native to spain, I always say if you are a PN fan you will most likely love mencia.

Also would recommend the, Les Glories Sancerre, Loire, France, 2018 remember sancerre blanc is always Sauvignon Blanc, And one wine I would personally want to try is the Solar Fortune, Syrah, Valle de Guadalupe, B.C., Mexico, 2017 88 I’ve been to many wineries in this region of Mexico but not this one… so bring on the syrah!!

I have to say GO visit Valle de Guadalupe, the hotels are fabulous, everything from 5-star resort options to super boutique and even some funky and glampy places to stay… incredible food, and interesting wines, plus great hospitality.

RT: NICE, I see a CorkRules wine trip in the future! Maybe???  Haha

MV: YES to that! let me be your guide! BUT…before we wrap, let me give you a few wines that will up your game at Viva Garcia!

RT: Please do!

MV: Now like I said most of the wines on this list are reasonable but if you want to go next level, be sure to order the Ruinart, Brut, Blanc De Blancs, Reims, France

Champagne, AND remember, blanc de blanc is all chardonnay and you could easily drink with this either their langosta: LOBSTER with a Carrot-Pineapple Puree OR even the Red snapper with citrus adobo, both would pair perfectly!

RT: Always love a killer Champagne! Then what?

MV: Then you could roll into the Bodega Numanthia, Toro, Spain, 2015 $100 great price on this actually…. even though we are stepping up into the slightly more premium red category… this Tempranillo, would be lovely with the sharable COSTILLAS ( Full Rack of Ancho Rubbed Lamb Ribs,)

 or go new world with the DeLille Cellars, Four Flags, Yakima Valley, Washington, 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon  175  this going to be bananas with the lamb.

I have always been a big fan of Delille (da lil) waaaayyy before Cabs from Washington were even slightly popular and YES if you didn’t know, now you know… Washington state cabs are a thing that everyone loves now! So get on board!

RT: You heard it everyone … get on board!

RT: Well thank you Maria for talking Wine at Viva Garcia in Las Vegas with us, and thank you, everyone, for joining us on another episode of CorkRules. Be sure to download the app from the Appstore and start getting your personal restaurant wine recommendations directly to your phone. You can find more wine educational tips from Maria on Instagram @mariathewineblonde and on the CorkRules app.


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