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Maria Valetta, wine educator and certified sommelier, and Robert Tas review the wine list at Brera Osteria. This restaurant is known as one of the best places to eat Italian food without pretension or fanfare. It’s a place to relax, eat, enjoy, and drink wine. Feel free to flip the list and order the wine to kick off the relaxation. Maria explores the mostly Italian wine list from region to region to find the best of the fine and fun wines and offers pairing suggestions to help you find the wine to complement the meal. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2019 Falanghina San Salvatore, Campania, Italy

  • 2013 The Montefalco Rosso Tenute Lunelli, “Ziggurat”, Italy

  • 2010 Borgogno, Barolo “Cannubi”, Piemonte, Italy

Transcript: Brera Osteria


Brera Osteria Venetian

Wine bottle list


Wine glass list plus cocktails






RT): Hi Everyone, welcome back to CorkRules! The wine APP & podcast that’s here to help YOU navigate all your favorite restaurant wine lists.

I’m your host, Robert Tas, along with Maria Valetta, wine educator, and certified sommelier, also known as Maria The Wine Blonde on Instagram. Welcome back Maria


MV: Hello Robert we are transporting ourselves to Italy today


RT: That’s right… via Las Vegas because today we are reviewing the wine list at Brera Osteria, in St. Mark’s Square in the Grand Canal Shoppes of the Venetian Hotel and casino. Italian for Lunch, dinner and Happy hour is the name of the game here with Chef Auriana’s Risotto Milanese being critically acclaimed as “ Magical”. So grab a seat facing the square and people watch to your heart's content with a glass of Italian vino and savor the moment. Maria, let's take a look at what we should be sipping on!


MV: Sure thing! So Breza is def focused on Italian wines which makes sense given the menu is Italian,, there are of course the obligatory champagne offerings and also a sprinkle of USA and few other French wines, but I say, stick with Italian vino starting with a glass of the FALANGHINA San salvatore, Campania, Italy 2019 for something crisp and bright and refreshing or For a red robust option , the NERO D’AVOLA Crisera Luna Nuova, Sicilia, Italy 2019  which will be dry and intense with dark black fruits and a little forest floor earthiness.



RT: I see there are tons of great appetizers to choose from, so how about selecting some value options for us by the bottle that would be very food versatile?


MV: Oh yeah they have everything from Panzanella, to charred octopus to beef Carpaccio and even pizzas - great dishes for sharing.. so I would go for the VERMENTINO Mesa, Sardegna, Italy 2017  or from the other Italian island… the CARRICANTE BLEND terra Costantino “deaetna”, Sicilia, Italy 2016 because we are talking about island wines you just know that they will pair well with fresh fish and seafood fare.


RT: well that makes a lot of sense, I like those options… and great pricing on both! Now, we decided to order ALL the starters what’s going to work with seafood and meat and cheese options?


MV: That’s easy actually… the AGLIANICO San Salvatore, “Vetere”, Campania, Italy 2020. This is an Italian Rosato or what we call rosé - made from Aglianico grapes – so a beautiful pink hue, organic grapes, and a funky little shaped bottle.. If you want to step up your Rosé game, this is the wine to do it with also great with spicy food.


RT: I can get on board with that… now I’m sure you have some value reds for us too.


MV: I do! The MONTEFALCO ROSSO Tenute Lunelli, “ziggurat”, 2013 is a wine that Italians love to drink it’s from Umbria and is a mix of mostly Sangiovese plus about 15% sagrantino and 15% merlot

another good one is the 

DOLCETTO Bruno Giacosa, Piemonte, italy 2017. We just opened up the 2018 of this wine and could not believe how big it was… the 18 needed more time but this 17 should be ready to go- Giacosa is one of my very fav producers in Piedmont.


RT: So many great options at great prices… so what if we want to step up our wine game what stands out as REALLY good juice?


MV: Two reliable standouts for me are the Valdicava BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO Toscana, Italy 2016. I know how much we both love Brunello and Valdicava never disappoints or you could try the Borgogno, BAROLO “Cannubi”, Piemonte, Italy 2010, if you like some age on your wine like I do.. this one is all cherries, black top and dried roses, elegant yet powerful at the same time, traditional in style and a lovely vintage as well. It’s calling for that BRAISED PORK SHANK with parmesan risotto.


RT: And that’s what I call a perfect note to end on!


MV: Right? Cue the Italian Music!


RT: RT: Well, thank you Maria and thank you, everyone, for joining us on another episode of CorkRules. Be sure to download the app from the Appstore and start getting your personal restaurant wine recommendations right to your phone. You can find more wine educational tips from Maria on Instagram @mariathewineblonde and on the CorkRules app.


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