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Robert Tas talks to writer, and director Todd Norwood about his new film, Gap Weekend and the world of wine. Todd shares stories about the making of his film Gap Weekend, and, of course, wine. Todd shares why he chose to film in wine country, his favorite wine, how he paid the crew overtime, and where you can access the film. 

Transcript: Gap Weekend: A Film Shoot in Wine Country


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Welcome to today’s podcast with my special guest,  Todd Norwood writer and director of the upcoming film Gap Weekend. You heard it right we are talking about a movie that has a fabulous wine connection.


So Todd it’s a pleasure to have you here.


TN: …


RT: Todd, let’s jump but let’s start with getting to know you. You done a tone of really cool and acclaimed projects.



TN: ….


RT: So tell us about your latest project the Gap Weekend?


TN: …


RT: So we love the wine country connection, tell us how you got there? Are you a wine guy?


TN: …


RT: Which wineries did you shoot at?


TN: …


RT: … any special tastings? I wish I was on this crew.


TN: …


RT: When will movie be released? Where can I see it?


TN: …


RT: Todd, Thank you so much joining us here on CorkRules sharing you’re the Gap Weekend.


TN: …


RT:  To our audience, thank you all for Joining us here on CorkRules.


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