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Maria Valetta, certified sommelier, and Robert Tas visit the classic steakhouse Bavettes. The restaurant is an inviting, Parisien-styled brasserie complete with intimate lighting making this an ideal romantic date-night spot. The wine list is a carefully curated choice of classic wines and steadfast favorites. Maria explores select bottles on the list, identifies tasting notes, and offers pairing suggestions. 

Wines reviewed include:

  • 2018 The DeLille Cellars "Chaleur Blanc", Washington

  • 2012 Château Lynch Bages Echo de Lynch Bages, France

  • 2019 Malbec, Susana Balbo, Mendoza, Argentina

Transcript: Bavettes

Bavettes Park MGM

Robert Tas (RT): Hello and welcome back to CorkRules! The wine podcast that’s here to help YOU navigate all your favorite restaurant wine lists so you can learn to order wine with confidence.

I’m Robert Tas, along with Maria Valetta, certified sommelier, also known as Maria The Wine Blonde. Welcome back Maria

MV: Hello Robert!! We have a sophisticated steakhouse to discover today in our podcast

RT: we sure do, but before we get started, let’s talk about CorkRules. CorkRules was created to help you navigate the wine list with confidence so you will always love the wine you drink. With CorkRules in hand, you can easily select wines from your favorite restaurant wine lists based on your preferences of flavor, style, region, and even price! Plus, you can check out which wines your friends ordered and try them yourself. Want to get started? Our podcast wine list reviews are here to help you find those hidden gems, value wines, and those special celebration-worthy bottles on the list. So be sure to listen and check out what our Top Sommeliers recommend at your favorite restaurant.

MV: Today we are talking about Bavettes Las Vegas located in the Park MGM Hotel and Casino. You could almost forget you are on the Las Vegas strip when you step into this dimly lit- sultry and sexy intimate outpost of the Chicago Classic Steakhouse. Nouveau-style mirrors, colorful Tiffany glass shaded lamps, cozy red leather banquettes and gallery-style vintage art give this den-like restaurant made-up of multiple rooms a classy feel. The menu is as stylish as the immaculately appointed and knowledgeable servers. Expect standouts such as tiered seafood platters, sizzling seafood plates, and 42 day dry-aged ribeyes on this classic steakhouse menu that has become a favorite among the fashionable steakhouse-loving clientele.

RT: Maria after that description I am definitely putting this restaurant on my list when I come to visit. How does their Wine list look?

MV: Overall, It is a tad smaller than I expected but that makes it a little easier to navigate, I’d love to see them expand on this by adding some options from Australia, New Zealand, and Chile and more from Argentina to round things out. But they do have a great selection of California Cabs and French Bordeaux which is a must for a steakhouse like this.

RT: It sure is Maria, So where will we begin? 

MV: I am always inclined to start with oysters or a shellfish tower at a steakhouse before things get all meaty, so I would start with a glass of the Rosé Cremant, Lucien Albrecht Brut Rosé, from Alsace, in France, I mean sure you could start with the Champagne, by Nicolas Feuillatte, Reserve Exclusive, but not everyone is up for spending upwards of $35 on a glass of wine, clocking in at around $16 the Lucien Albrecht is still going to give you lots of bubbly goodness at a better price so you can spend more on the steak wine! A Cremant is produced in the method of champagne but produced in regions outside of Champagne and sometimes using different grapes... But This particular one is using 100% Pinot Noir.

RT: Cool great tip, what about a red by the glass.

MV: Okay- check this one out, the

Malbec, Susana Balbo, Mendoza, Argentina 2019  [bin - 7312] This is the only wine I could find on the list from Argentina. At this reasonable price point of$16 a glass, you can’t go wrong and Susana is the most recognized female winemaker in Argentina, she literally started a movement there and when we visited it we had the most memorable lunch and wine pairing at the estate in Mendoza.

RT: Awesome Maria, now what about finding us some bottles of white and red that aren’t going to blow a hole in the wallet?

MV: Sure, quite a few incredible options!

The DeLille Cellars "Chaleaur Blanc", WA 2018  [bin - 8641]

$84A gorgeous Bordeaux style white blend from Columbia Valley Washington, Sauvignon blanc and Semillon are the grapes and this wine is going to be rich but fresh, cirtusy but tropical, perfect with that crab stuffed avocado I’m eyeing on the menu..

RT: That sounds like a perfect pairing..

MV: I agree, And for my Pinot lovers, the Alexana, Revana Vineyard, Willamette Valley, Oregon 2013 vintage  [bin - 8392] a medium plus bodied red with csome cellaring on it, this is my go-to wine here because often we will do more of a surf and turf sharing and so this wine works with just about everything. The Founder Dr. Revana, a cardiologist has wineries in Willamette Valley Oregon, Napa Valley California, and Mendoza Argentina, and they all produce highly accoladed wines from site specific quality vineyards.  A great deal as it is under $140 ($132)

RT: those are 2 great Options Maria, and can you recommend for us 2 steakhouse reds for those of us wanting a special occasion option?

MV: I would love to, now a special occasion wine might be in the $500+  range for some and more like the $200 range for others, it’s all relative, so here are 2 wines from the same producer in those pricepoints. The Château Lynch Bages, 2012 And the estates so called “second wine”, the Château Lynch Bages Echo de Lynch Bages, 2012

NOW Both are excellent Bordeaux Blends from the commune of Pauillac, where some of the most famous and expensive wines in the world come from. Both are going to be Cabernet Sauvignon Dominant, typical of the red wines from the left Bank of the Gironde river in Bordeaux.

But here’s where they differ: the flagship wine is from much older vines, has a higher percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon and along with merlot and Cab franc, adds a little bit of P. verdot. (72% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 6% Cabernet franc, 3% Petit) it’s also aged in Wood barrels for 18 mo 75% of which are brand new barriques (this is where a lot of the expense comes in for making the wine) 

Now the Echo is produced from the younger vines on the property, sees a higher proportion of Cab Franc and merlot and is aged in previously used French oak barrels for just 14 months. (a lot less cost in oak).

You will still find both wines to be textbook Pauillac, Rich Sturdy Black Currant flavors dusted with graphite pencil shavings and cigar box aromas. But the Flagship wine will have longer ageabilty, more aggressive tannins and more complexity due to the older vines, but the Echo will certainly hold its own to any of the steaks on the menu (which by the way I have had my most flavorful steak ever at Bavettes!) CLASSIC RIBEYE - CHICAGO CUT

RT: Wow- Maria this is great for our listeners to learn about as I often look for these second wines from my favorite Bordeaux estates. I find them much more attainable and thoroughly enjoyable.

MV: This menu is great they have quite a few of them from many of the most well-regarded estates. It’s a great question for the restaurant Sommelier, where you can still look sophisticated in front of your guests, just ask the Somm to help you choose a second wine from one of the great Bordeaux Estates.

RT: Great TIP! Thank you Maria, it’s been a pleasure to discover Bavette’s wine list with you. You can find Maria on Instagram @Mariathewineblonde. Thank you everyone for joining us here on CorkRules. Remember the only rule in wine is “drink what you LOVE”.

MV: Have a favorite wine List? Let us review it here. Send us your requests at info@CorkRules.com You can find previous episodes on your favorite podcast platform and on

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