Maria Valetta

Maria Valetta (@mariathewineblonde) holds the esteemed titles of Certified Sommelier (CMS) and DipWSET (Diploma in Wine & Spirits, WSET London), showcasing her commitment to understanding the intricacies of the wine world. Her expertise extends further with the completion of the Certified Specialist of Wine Certificate (Society of Wine Educators) and Tuscan Wine Masters Certificate (Tuscan Wine Masters Academy). Maria's influence extends across various media platforms, where she passionately showcases her love for wine and food. As the co-founder of the CorkRules Podcast on, Maria plays a pivotal role in reviewing acclaimed restaurant wine lists and conducting interviews with wine industry professionals. This podcast serves as a valuable resource for wine enthusiasts, offering insights into the diverse world of wine and enhancing their ability to order wine with confidence. In her role as Chairwoman and Director of Wine Sponsorships of the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival, Maria Valetta significantly elevates the event's wine offerings each year. Her role involves forging lasting connections with wineries, chefs, and key sponsors, solidifying her as a key figure in the vibrant Las Vegas wine and food scene. With an Instagram following of around 40k, @mariathewineblonde expertly engages her audience with content on wine, restaurants, travel, and wine education, making wine accessible and enjoyable, in addition to giving wine and wine region travel recommendations. Featured on the cover of Vegas2LA Magazine as one of the top women in wine to watch in Las Vegas, Maria's impactful work in elevating wine offerings at the Vegas Food & Wine Festival and transforming the way customers order wine through CorkRules is highlighted in a 4-page article. Maria's media presence extends beyond Instagram, as she has been a long-time host of the 'Chef's Kitchen,' a national television series. Her involvement in previous online digital media shows such as 'The Philly Dish' and 'Philly Uncorked' showcases her commitment to promoting wines, restaurants, and the talents of the world's top chefs. Maria Valetta's love for wine is evident in her belief that wine should be fun and easier to understand. Her advocacy for people to "drink what you love" reflects her incredible passion, and her expertise establishes her as a prominent and influential figure in both the wine industry and social media.


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